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October 30th, 2008

Steal and Grow Rich

Yesterday I received an email that told me, “Because we are the richest nation on earth, it is therefore inexcusable to have people living on the streets, people without health care and people who cannot afford to go to college.”

This is an amazing statement to read. Believe me, I am ALL for everyone having health care, a college education, a home – and so on.

I am also for everyone being able to run the 100-meters in 9.69 seconds and winning a gold medal, like Usain Bolt did this summer in the Beijing Olympics.

The truth is it is unlikely that this dream of everyone being able to run that fast is ever going to happen. But everyone who is able can run faster than ever before if he’ll take the time to train.

Some people will always have more money, more speed, more power and more confidence than others. That’s called LIFE.

But the key to improving the lives of others is NOT cutting the hamstrings of those who are faster than the rest of the pack. You would never look at a Usain Bolt and say, “That’s not fair. No one should be able to run so much faster than everyone else. Everyone should be equally fast.”

Yet, that is how some people think about m-oney. They look at those who have more than the rest and figure out ways to cut their hamstrings.

If you take a look at the history of China under Chairman Mao – when it was at its worst – and where it is today – an incredible lesson can be learned.

Chairman Mao tapped into peoples’ hatred of the rich. He made people so angry that a war broke out. The promises he made for the regular man were simple.

Everyone would be equal – everyone would have three square meals per day – everyone would have a home – and so on.

Here’s what happened: The rich who survived moved to Taiwan and continued to prosper. They found a way to win – even though they lost their country.

Those who stuck with Mao – well, many of them died – and by many I mean MILLIONS of people. During the so-called Great Leap Forward – it’s been estimated that 40 million people died of starvation.

In two years time.

And if you add up all the other untimely deaths during Mao’s reign – you’ll see that his casualties made other other dictators combined look meek and mild.

In the name of fairness and equality – creativity was destroyed. So was initiative. So was the desire to rise up. Factories were filled with the sick, lame and lazy. No one wanted to work unless forced to. There was no reward for doing so.

Then Mao died and a new leader, Deng Xiao Ping, said something that went against Mao’s class warfare. Everyone-is-equal ideal.

Deng made a statement, “Rang yi bu fen re, qian fu qi lai.”

This has been translated in various ways. Most popular being “To grow rich is glorious.”

But the real meaning is as follows: “IF some people grow rich, this is a good thing.”

Deng realized that if everyone is poor – no one succeeds. The key was to allow people to get rich – and when this happened – the rest of China could learn from them.

What a novel idea.

And guess how well it’s worked.

Incredibly well.

In China you’ll find rich, super rich, middle class and poor.

You’ll see people driving sports cars as well as cheap trucks or motorcycles. You’ll see people dressed like royalty – and others not looking so nice.

No, I’m not saying China is perfect. There’s still much to do – but at least they understand that capitalism is king.

When people are allowed to think, to be creative, to grow rich without punishment, without having your hamstrings cut, without being mocked, jeered or killed – the country as a whole gets better and better.

Very few people will ever rise to the level of a Gates or Buffett. Yet everyone can take notes and learn from them.

The same goes with those who reach millionaire, multi-millionaire or 100-millionaire status.

Why not learn from them. Most are very willing to tell you how they accomplished their goals – in part because they’re thrilled to see someone else who wants to know.

Class warfare never works. Opening the doors of creativity and initiative does.

And that’s exactly what I teach in my book and CD program 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. Be sure to pick up a copy.

One thing is for certain – it will teach you what it takes to double, triple, quadruple or 100x your current income.

It will teach you how to think and what to do.

And if you follow my suggestions, you WILL begin rising to a higher level of achievement.

Be someone that others can learn from. Be someone who realizes that when everyone is at the same level – no one benefits. Be someone who can show the poor how to go from rags to riches – because YOU did it yourself.

Go here and order NOW.

Matt Furey

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