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February 27th, 2009

Positive Paranoia

Two days ago I met with a man who’s been through it all. A ton of recessions, business failings and huge business successes.

The son of a Greek immigrant, he started in business decades ago with $88 total, serving chocolate and fudge. He had nothing other than his eighty eight bucks and the willingness to find a way to win.

He imagined what he wanted, came up with an idea, then immediately acted upon what came to mind.

He negotiated for the building his business was housed in. He negotiated for the equipment he needed – that was sitting in a warehouse, not being used by anyone.

He learned to use these same negotiation skills to pay off any and all debts. Later still, he used these skills to buy virtually anything he wanted – at wholesale prices.

As of this moment, he’s been involved in the sale of over $5 Billion worth of products and services.

And unlike those who steal from the rich and give to themselves – he’s the most generous person I’ve ever met. Generous with his time, with his knowledge, with his money.

In fact, last weekend he held a seminar and gave ALL the proceeds to a cancer foundation for children.

Why? Because he knows what it’s like to have cancer as an adult – and survive. He wants to see children with the disease survive as well.

Anyway, I met with him at his island condo on Wednesday and recorded our conversation. The hour passed by in mere seconds, it seemed. He held nothing back. He gave and gave and gave. Saying everything he could in the time we had to help people survive the tough economic times.

But not just to ‘survive’ – to thrive. To liberate yourself from fear, frustration and sub-par finances.

I’ll let you know more about our conversation in the days to come – as well as how you can grab your copy of what we spoke about.

In the interim, I’ll tell you this: This man is NOT someone who thinks that success is all about action. He believes, as I do, in the power of your mind, your imagination and how you talk to yourself.

And he never engages in any creative endeavor without putting himself into a peak state. He does what I’ve been telling you about day in and day out.

He pictures what he wants, then he builds up his energy and his focus – and then he goes for what he wants.

If you were to ask him, “How much of success is mental?” – what do you think he’d say? He’d tell you the same thing I will.

“Most of it.”

But he will also tell you that you cannot be so positive that you ignore danger. He calls it “positive paranoia.”

You focus on what you want, you imagine what you want – but you don’t ignore the fact that everyone is not your friend, that everyone does not have your best interests at heart.

He agrees with my statement, “Look forward and listen back,” – a saying I learned in my kung fu training.

I must say, I can’t wait to launch the program we did together. Look for more information on it next week.

In the meantime, make sure you start catapulting yourself out of the realm of fear, frustration and resistance to success.

Learn to harness the magic power of your imagination with the world famous Zero Resistance Living program – now available at 33% off.

Matt Furey

P.S. Need more ideas, more ways to bring extra income into your life, then snag a copy of my best-seller, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

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