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May 26th, 2009

Never Leave a Tip

Traveling in foreign countries is great, especially when you go to places where you never leave a tip.

I love Japan. No tips for the bellman in the hotel. No tips for the taxi drivers. No tips for the waitress.

In China, no tips for waitress. No tips for taxi. The bellman, however, will gladly accept.

In the U.S., many people earn part of their living via tips from customers. And you can learn a lot about human behavior by watching how a waiter or waitress acts when the meal is nearly over.

Some waitresses are rude – until the meal is nearing completion. Then they go through a transformation. They put on a happy face and make polite conversation.

Others come up from behind and place a hand on your shoulder or back – injecting tip intention into your central nervous system. That’s one way service people try to magnetize money.

Do you fall for it?

Okay, let’s play a game to see how much guilt you have or don’t have about money.

Go into a restaurant and leave without paying a tip.

Just once.

Note how you feel.

Next time leave a tip that is double what you’d normally leave.

Once again, note how you feel.

After each incident, pay attention to how much extra change you begin magnetizing toward you.

When you don’t tip or tip extra (I’m only talking about the U.S. here) – does this behavior make you feel worthy of more?

Moreover, does worthiness or deservingness have anything to do with earning power?

You’ll discover the answers to this question and many more when you’re reading and listening to 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

Claim your limited edition copy now. Only 921 copies left.

Matt Furey

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