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February 24th, 2009

Money and Self-Image

The latest laugher in the news.

Secretary of State Clinton begs the Chinese to keep the American economy going.

Don’t know if you catch the irony. For years we’ve been told that China is nothing but a bunch of thugs who do NOTHING but abuse human rights – and yes, there are abuses I don’t agree with.

But to be fair, very little is reported on the Chinese love of capitalism. Very¬† little on how they love the sound of the cash register going ‘ka-ching.’ Very little on the number of rich now living there.

Funny, isn’t it?

China changed it’s direction when they stopped redistributing the wealth and did as Deng Xiao P ing advised.

What did he advise?

Two things:

1. To Grow Rich is Glorious

2. Yi bu fen ren, qian fu qi lai.

Translation for #2: If you want the country to prosper, you must let a few people get rich at a time. You CANNOT make everyone rich or prosperous at the same time..

Deng realized that prosperity and riches ‘trickle down.’ Some people get wealthy. They in turn inspire more to do likewise. And the next batch inspires more. And so on.

But if you punish the rich, if you punish the prosperous, if you spread the wealth – the country loses and no one wins.

Now, let me be even clearer about something. I am NOT saying we should leave Bernie Madoff alone. I am also NOT thinking of him when I think of capitalism. Nor am I am thinking of anyone else who is corrupt.

Some people have the misquided notion that capitalism and corruption go hand-in-hand. No they don’t. That’s why we have laws.

Yes, there are those who will use capitalism in illegal ways. But their crimes are nothing compared to the crimes of those who steal your dignity and humanity in favor of everything being ‘fair.’

The other day my wife, Zhannie, told me something I didn’t know about her early days in China – before we married:

“When I worked in the factory in China, before the government opened the door and let people make money,” she said, “everyone got the same pay no matter what.”

“It was 35 dollars a month.”

“So we took our knitting needles to work. And everyone knitted when they were supposed to be working. Everyone in my family can knit. Blankets, sweaters, clothes, you name it.”

“And we’d go home for lunch and stay late. Or we’d sneak outside and play around. We did as little as possible. Everyone was this way. NO ONE worked hard. Everyone told you NOT to do your best because it didn’t matter anyway. You got paid the same no matter what.”

When it came to money – China used to have no self-image. But when it changed – look what happened.

And now the U.S. government is begging these “thugs” to help us with our economy.

Very, very interesting.

Now let’s look at money on a personal level.

Truth is that although most people will tell you they’d like to have more – if you had a barometer that measured how they feel inside about the idea of having more – you’d find that their feelings about having don’t match what they say they want.

What this means is quite simple: If you have a goal but your emotional state is incongruent with that goal – then you’ll never attain it

It’s easy to say you WANT something. But how do you FEEL inside when you say you want it?

How do you feel inside when you picture yourself having it? If the answer is anything less than absolutely fantastic, then you aren’t going to get what you want.

Your ability to achieve goals is directly proportional to the level of passion you have inside about them. When the commies didn’t let anyone make money above and beyond anyone else – no passion – and no prosperity.

Success and positive FEELING go hand in hand.

This is why it’s so important to imagine what you want. But before you do so, you’ve go to put yourself into the right FEELING state.

If you imagine what you want when you’re in a negative feeling state, you begin attracting the opposite of what you want.

Right now most of the U.S. is in a negative feeling state about the economy. And this situation isn’t going to change until our leadership and their lap-dog media begins to change the way they’re communicating on
the subject. Right now they’re imagining nothing but crisis and catastrophe – and they’re creating more of it with each passing day.

But I wonder what would happen if they changed what they’re imagining, what they’re communicating and gave people optimism and hope instead of fear and despair.

What would happen if they began to follow the principles in the world famous freedom-loving Zero Resistance Living course.

What would happen if they stopped blaming and started changing?

It boggles the mind to imagine such a thing because I know how much a changed imagination will change YOU.

I also know how fast your life will change when you open the gates and allow the good to enter.

Discover it all with the Zero Resistance Living program – now available at an economy stimulating amount: 50% off.

Grab your course today.


Matt Furey

P.S. Change your imagination, change your life.

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