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February 1st, 2010

Make Money in Your Sleep

There are many money making ideas you can come up with while you sleep. And these can lead to a substantial increase in your income. They can also lead to you landing the job you’ve always wanted.

All of the ideas you come up with begin with being conscious of what you are thinking about just before going to bed.

What questions are you asking yourself?

What thoughts are you thinking?

And how much emotion do you put into what you’re thinking?

If you ask the right questions before bed and think powerful thoughts, your subconscious mind will go to work for you while you’re sleeping.

You’ll begin to dream the answers to your questions.

And if you’re keeping a notepad and pen on your nightstand, you’re already programmed to wake up and record your thoughts as they enter your dream state movie theatre.

It’s truly amazing when you are guided to do the right things in your sleep. With your conscious mind moved out of the way, you’ll find solutions much faster than you ever imagined.

In your dream state you are totally free to think and do whatever you want. And I think you’ll be surprised when you discover how much of this limitlessness is transferable to your waking state.

As well as how much power there is in the first thought you think when you awaken each day.

Then there’s the power of a daily shower – wherein most people will say they receive their most creative ideas. Ever wonder why that is?

Well, how’d you like to know the most powerful thoughts to think when you wake up each day, as well as what to think just before falling asleep?

And if these thoughts led you to the creative ideas that lead to major improvements in your life – wouldn’t you want to know what they were?

If so, make sure you get yourself a copy of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

This book will make your head spin with so many ideas you’ll be stunned at all the opportunities you’ve missed.

Not anymore. This time you’re going to see the good opportunities coming from afar – and you’ll be ready.

You’ll be ready during the day, while sleeping at night – and while in the shower.

Get you pen and pad ready as you wait for this book to arrive.


Matt Furey

P.S. The next 99 people to order will also receive a free copy of The Power of Thought Vibration – a CD that you’ll want to listen
to over and over again for ideas that will catapult you from where you are to where you want to be.

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