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February 3rd, 2009

How to Survive Tough Times

Everywhere you look or listen, you may be hearing stories of people who got laid off or went out of business. And it’s not just the major corporations who are cutting jobs.

Yesterday a friend told me that one of his suppliers went out of business after 50 successful years in the trade. And along with him: 60 employees.

Adding insult to injury, if you turn on the shnews you get to hear about Washingtonians refusing to pay their taxes … UNTIL being nominated for a cabinet position.

And all they need to do to get away with it is make an arrogant confession with the key words, “innocent mistake” – and Congress will look the other way.

Over in China, where I live part of the year, things are not so good either.

75,000 factories have closed – and that was the figure I got in December of 2008.

Yet, as bleak as things appear – right NOW is the time when we need a positive vision more than ever before. NOW is the time when we must use our imagination to come up with ways to not only survive – but to thrive during tough times. Now is the time to focus like never before – to jump into action like never before – to make up your mind that you will fight, you will never give up – you will succeed.

Last month I told my students that those who had ignored my advice in the past out of fear – better jump on my advice NOW.


Because there’s no slack. There’s no time to waste thinking about it.

And there’s NO ONE who is coming to your rescue.


Except .. YOU.

You’ve got to take the goat by the horns. You’ve got to step out – venture into new territory – do things you were unwilling to do before.

You might not feel like you’re capable of doing great things – but you are. Each and every one of us has greatness inside – even in the worst of times.

Go back in your memory and recall a time in your life when you had to survive – or else.

It may have been an accident, an operation, an injury – or worse.

Yet, you made up your mind that there was a reason to keep going; there was a reason to live, to survive.

Go back and relive this memory. This alone will get your creative power flowing.

Then use the juice from this memory. Inject it into what you want for the future. Imagine what you want – then get up and start moving.

A saying I recently coined goes as follows: “Do in NOW … and make them say WOW.”

Don’t just do it now. Do it now with the mental picture of others standing around saying, “WOW, how’d you get that done so fast?”

Each and every day we are confronted with ideas, plans and opportunities. How many do we put off with, “I’ll get to that later.”

Why later?

Do it NOW … and make them say WOW.

Let me end today’s lesson five easy pieces of advice.

1. Associate with idea-oriented, forward-thinking people who never give up – no matter what. Avoid the people who never succeed. Your survival depends upon it.

2. Put a vision in writing and commit to reading it and mentally picturing it each and every day.

3. Each day surround yourself with a force field of protection so that you are not disturbed or distracted by what is going on “out there.”

4. Let off steam each day with physical exercises and deep breathing. As you take care of your health you increase your ability to survive anything.

5. Spend time each day in the Theatre of Your Mind – picturing your triumphs and pushing your automatic success mechanism. Imagine what you want with FEELING and passion. Keep track of where you are in relation to where you want to be. And absolutely refuse to give up or succumb to the negative forces. Achieve your objectives.

To accomplish what you want in this economic climate you are going to need to focus like you did when you were at your best, when you felt that winning feeling in your bones.

If you recapture that winning feeling on a daily basis, I have no doubt that you’ll survive as well as thrive during these days. Especially if you’re wise enough to grab hold of the world famous Zero Resistance Living program. This course has changed people all over the world – and NOW it’s time for YOU to join in the fun.

At present you can latch onto this extraordinary course for half-off. Go here and CHANGE your life for the better. Simply type ’2009′ into the coupon box when you place your order and you’ll be all set.

Together let’s join the parade of positive people who are making a real difference in this world.

Matt Furey

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