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August 15th, 2009

How to Spend Stimulus Funds

I flicked on the news this morning and learned how people on welfare are spending $200.00 worth of stimulus money – which was supposed to be for school supplies for their kids.

Being that education “don’t matter” – they went out and bought booze, cigarettes, tee-vees¬† and video games with the dough.

Tragic but true. And it shows that people on welfare cannot be lifted out of welfare with more handouts. If someone has a welfare-mindset or self-image, no amount of money will change it. You can give the person a million bucks in cash and within a short period of time, it’ll be G-O-N-E.

There’s no better proof of this than those who win the lottery to the tune of seven or eight figures, only to end up worse off than before they won the money.

A few decades back a group of Bulgarian athletes came to the U.S. for a competition. They stayed in a 5-star hotel, replete with a shower, sink, toilets and mirrors. A mighty big change from where they lived under communist control.

You’d think they’d be ecstatic, and they were, until it became time to relieve their bladders and bowels. Unable to find a hole in the floor, they took their movements in the corner, a few feet from their beds.

True story. They didn’t even know what a toilet was, so they couldn’t picture what to do with it. Eventually they were taught what one was and how to use it – and this led to a change in behavior.

When I first visited China back in 1993, I went there knowing that toilets were rare – holes in the ground
were plenty. I accepted this mental picture and thought I was prepared.

But no. I was only half-prepared.

Why? Because in China, there are plenty of “holes” that still don’t have toilet or tissue paper. You have to bring your own.

And so, after a few lessons in water closet behavior, I learned that the package of tissue given to you while eating must be saved for later.

[I hope you're not reading this over lunch.]

I realize this is a colorful way to explain how people are with money. If you don’t learn how to use it – as well as how not to use it – from someone who’s mastered the substance, you’re pretty much doomed to repeat what you saw your parents doing with it.

Mastery of money requires NEW ways of thinking, new ways of picturing and new ways of doing.

And that’s why I came out with THINK and LIVE DEBT-FREE, FOREVER.

This course will teach you what your parents didn’t know, your teachers didn’t know, your friends and family don’t know.¬† Without a doubt it’ll teach you what the people on welfare need to know if they’re ever going to get out of the situation they’re in.

Want out of debt – once and for all? Then grab a copy of Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever.

It comes with a couple free gifts that you’ll definitely want to have – and these freebies are limited – so make the decision to be debt free and prosperous NOW.

Go here and reserve your copy.

Matt Furey

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