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August 4th, 2009

How Dare I

After sending out yesterday’s “Better Than Cash for Clunkers” email – I got the following email from a U.K. based person, which for the sake of brevity I will quote a portion:

“You know Matt, I like what I read but for a man who is worth in excess of $X million dollars and wants to spread his word the cost of $97 is just too high – if you were really so concerned about sharing all your top secret info you wouldn’t charge so much – there are millions of people out there just waiting for THE answer to their debt and with the best will in the world $97 is just too much.

i have paid out so much money over the past 2 years to people making the promises you make, believing that this is the one piece of advice that will really make the difference but guess what? I end up wasting yet another £50 – you could easily part with this info for much less than even half the price – the cost of a dvd is a few cents, all you’re doing is transferring data onto a dvd which costs zilch – here in the UK we can get stumped for customs charges (which has happened to me twice when buying from the US). Think again my man, if you really want to help people in debt, don’t exploit them and charge a truly nominal amount, you’ll STILL make heaps of money.”

Best regards,

MJF: C., thanks so much for taking the time to write. It appears you are not familiar with the saying, “A cynic is one who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.” Yes, it may only cost a few bucks to transfer information to a DVD and make a copy. But how much does it cost to acquire the knowledge? And how much time?

And yet, you openly acknowledge a figure in the millions of what I’ve earned, in part because I learned from the man who’s giving the knowledge away.

Years ago I coined a Fureyism: “Never take seks advice from a eunuch.” Twas my way of letting business people know that everyone has an opinion, as well as a sphincter, and far too many people are ever-ready to dump on you, lay a guilt trip, shame you, give unsolicited advice, and so on, if what you’re selling is not in their price range.

I love you anyway.

The fee I arrived at is ridiculously LOW if you consider the positive results I received from Ted’s book, How to Publish a Book and Sell a Million Copies, which I paid $317 for in 1995.

It’s also LOW when you consider I’m giving my book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money away as a bonus, too.

And we haven’t even gotten to what you’ll learn on the DVD, which, if you’re smart, you’ll watch over and over because it is loaded with life-changing, wallet-fattening, purse-puffing information.

If you think what I’m offering is an empty promise, then no amount of coin is a fair price. On the other hand, if you act upon the principles in this course and become debt-free, then how much was the course REALLY worth?

Condemning me isn’t going to change your financial situation. Taking action to stomp debt out of your life will.

Life is like a magnet – and magnets work best when there’s no rust on them. Remove the rust by getting out of debt and watch how much faster you reel what you want into your life.

Getting rid of what you don’t want makes room for more of what you do want.

The choice is yours.

Matt Furey

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