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April 2nd, 2009

How Angry Are You?

If you’re not angry about the state of the economy – you’re a rare exception in this world.

Even if you are not personally affected, you know those who are – and you can’t help but feel for them.

Those who thought things could not possibly be “worse” than W are finding out that it’s not wise to tempt “old man WORSE.”

Things can ALWAYS get worse – and FAST. Very, very fast.

But things can ALSO get better – and QUICKLY, if people change themselves first – then spread their newly found wisdom to others.

You may have lofty goals of changing the world – but it starts within. It starts with YOU.

It starts in your IMAGINATION – still the MOST powerful nation on earth.

If you’re not happy with how things are and you want to be a force for POSITIVE change, then the new reality you desire begins with a goal.

After the goal is formed, you make a plan – and if you’re not willing to do these first two things – then you can resign yourself to nothing but angst, fear, depression, worry and so on.

You form a new mental image in your own mind – then you plan how you’re going to make this new mental image become real.

Then you begin to put your plan into operation.

If you make a plan but aren’t willing to do anything, then you don’t have much faith in yourself.

And if you lack faith in yourself, you need to revisit the times in your life when you did have faith, when you did have confidence – and you’ve got to bring those moments of POWER into the present.

If you’re angry, don’t try to change your anger. Don’t try to get rid of it.

Instead, use the anger to create your goal and your plan. Use the anger as fuel to take action.

As you move you’ll feel the anger being transmuting into enthusiasm. You’ll be having a blast as you live fully in the moment, totally alive, moving toward what you believe in.

So take all your negative emotions that you may be feeling and use them in a positive way.

This is best accomplished by learning to use the Theatre of the Mind process – as taught in the world famous Zero Resistance Living program.

If you enter your Theatre of the Mind each and everyday, no matter what is going on around you or inside of you – YOU can turn it around. You can use it as the petro that drives you to success.

Within 21 days of using the Theatre of the Mind process you will no longer feel like the person you are today. You’ll be happy and effective in all you do – regardless of what is happening in the world.

Matt Furey

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