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January 10th, 2008

Goal Announcements

A good many people wrote me the other day to comment on my statements about NOT announcing your goals to the world.

Many have previously been told that telling everyone your intentions is a good idea because the announcement in and of itself will force you to take action – and if you don’t “get it done” you’ll suffer embarrassment and humiliation.


Announcing your goals to the world is a BAD idea for most people (I’ll explain who it isn’t a bad idea for in a few seconds). Before I tell you why this is so – keep in mind that I did NOT say you hide your goals from your coach, mentor, advisor or fellow MasterMind members.

How can a coach best help you if you won’t tell him your goals. So it’s good to let him know and others who can and will help you know.

But the world at large – huh uh.

Here are the reasons:

1. If you have ever had confidence problems or fear issues, and most people have – when you announce your goal to everyone – a good many people may scoff, make fun or send negative vibes. This alone can derail you.

In the early stages when you’re just starting to build confidence – you don’t want to get unsolicited and unhelpful feedback from those who don’t know the first thing about success. Let your coach or mentor advise you and no one else.

2. In the movie, Grand Canyon, Steve Martin played a movie director. A man asked, “How’s the new movie coming along.” The reply – paraphrased: “I don’t like to talk about it. I have a belief that talking about it sort of takes the place of DOING it.”

Brain check: Does this sound familiar in your case. Many people announce their goals so that others will go “rah, rah.” Then, after you’ve gotten the “rah, rah” without doing anything – what’s the point of doing it. You got your accolades up front for doing nothing but talking.

3. Years ago whenever I had new prospects call to sign up for my services as a personal trainer – and they told me by phone they were coming in later to pay me for my services – I’d immediately get on the horn, all my girl friend and commence to bragging about how I just visualized a couple new clients – and the phone rang and they’re coming in to sign up.

She’d say: “That’s incredible. Wow, that’s awesome. That’s great.” Flim flam. I was jinxed. By myself. By her. Doesn’t matter. Result was the same.

When appointment time came around I sat twiddling my thumbs. I waited and waited and waited. No prospects showed.

This same scenario played itself more times than I care to mention – until I finally broke this ego vice – and that’s what it is. I curbed my urge to tell and as a result – when future prospects said they were coming by – they did. And they paid. After they paid I still kept my yap shut. This kept things in flow.

Key metaphor to remember: When you visualize birds coming to swim in your bird bath – don’t scare them off by talking too loudly. Observe, remain silent and even more birds will come.

Once you’ve reached a level of mastery in setting and achieving goals – you can announce your intentionss – or not.

Makes no difference whether you tell everyone or no one. You are filled with POWER and nothing and no one is going to derail you.

It’s sort of like Babe Ruth using his bat to point out where he’s going to hit the next homer. Then he does it. But he didn’t start his career that way.

All for now.

Matthew “Matt” Furey
Zen Master of the Internet

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