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October 4th, 2009

What Don’t You Want?

There are three types of people in this world.

Those who know what they want. Those who know what they don’t want.

And those who know both.

Most people fall into the “I know what I don’t want” category.

3-5% fall into the “I know what I want” group – and they end up achieving more than everyone else combined.

Whenever you meet someone who knows what he wants as well as what he doesn’t want, you’re most likely observing a person who is in the top 1% of achievers.

And if you ever have the great fortune to listen to this person speak – or to read his life story, you’ll be transported into another realm. You’ll literally lose track of time and space as you’re pulled into a Universe unto itself.

As a young boy I dreamt of becoming a great athlete.

And as I thought about this I projected myself into the future, “beaming myself up” before crowds of people, telling them how I did it.

At the same time I thought about the things I did not want to happen, the things I did not want. This gave me clarity of focus and allowed me to concentrate without distractions. It allowed me to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.


Today I still look back at the young boy I once was.

I look to the young teenager who had guts and determination galore.

I look back upon the days in which he faced Goliath, the unbeatable man – and I ask, “What would that young 17-year old do in this situation? How would he handle it? How could he become the Unbeatable Man?”

Immediately the answer comes to mind and I act upon it. I GO GET what it is that I say I want.

18 years ago, over Christmas vacation, I wrote a short story about this young teenage boy I once knew.

Over time I added to the story until it became a book. And last week I finally released it to the world.

Those who read it are tele-ported into another world – the Universe of… The Unbeatable Man.

And there life is changed.

They see courage where there was nothing but fear and doubt.

They see hope in the midst of frustration.

They see trust and belief instead of grief and depression.

They see themselves overcoming the odds.

Whether you get the message in The Unbeatable Man – or don’t get it – is not something I can control. But I could control every word that went into creating the type of book that so many feel they must read from cover to cover in one sitting.

Yesterday I received words of praise from Michael, who wrote:

“All I can say is that is was riveting, inspiring, and left me wanting more! I read it from cover-to-cover in one sitting because I just could not put it down. When I got to the end of the book, I almost screamed out loud because I wanted more.” Zach Even Esh wrote and said, “This should be more than just a book – this has to become a movement!”

Sue Rosario wrote and said, “A very inspiring story I’ll reread many times.”

Get The Unbeatable Mantheunbeatableman.com

It’s going to take you to places you’ve never gone before.

Matt Furey

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