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August 30th, 2010

Making Magic Happen on ESPN

If you believe in coincidences, superstition or any of that jazz – you’ll love today’s message. Read on.

Twas “Game of the Week” last night at Tropicana Field – and what a game it was.

For the first four innings it was basically a pitcher’s duel. Then, in the fourth inning I received a text message from a friend and client living in Pennsylvania. He asked if I was at the game. I told him I was.

He wanted to see proof so I told him to wait til my buddy, Carlos Pena, was up to bat.

At first he couldn’t see me so I walked right in front of the camera and “sent some love” as Pena smashed his 25th home run of the year, giving the Rays a 1-0, lead.

After several hi-5′s I went back to my seat. My friend texted me to say he had me captured on his DVR, looking right at Carlos as he smashed his home run. He then told me to “stay in my seat” the rest of the game as his Yankees need the Rays to lose. He said it was no coincidence that he clobbered the ball right when I had my back to him.

Ah, come on.

A nice stroke for the ego – but I ain’t buying it.

But then, two innings later, when the Rays were up to bat, my son, Frank demanded, “GET OUT OF YOUR SEAT, DADDY.”

So I got up again and Carl Crawford smashed a 2-run shot as I was looking at him.

Another round of Hi-5′s.

Another coincidence.

My friend in PA texted me, “I told you to stay in your seat.”

And today, Pete, another Yankees fan wrote me the following:

“Every time you left your seat the RAYS would score, the big three run rally happened right after we seen you walk down the ramp. Great game too, our game Saturday was the best though as the walk off Home run was special.”

All of this begs the question: Can you send someone positive energy with a glance, a stare, a breath – or even a thought and have the person do well?

I think so.

In fact, I teach so.

8 Days ago I taught a class on healing people remotely – something I thought I would NEVER, EVER teach. And the response was out of this world.

Yes, sending someone LOVE can have a positive effect. You can even heal by sending love. These things are scientifically validated.

Even so, remember this: The person you send LOVE to is still the one who
hits the HR’s – not you.

At the same time, never forget that everyone needs LOVE and encouragement and praise. No matter how big he is or how well he’s done in the past – in this present moment – he can use some.

Keep this in mind today in your home and office. And if you go to the ball field – send those players your best.

Matt Furey

P.S. If the idea of remote healing is something you’d like to learn – let me know and I’ll consider creating a course on it. In the interim, you still need to lay the foundation with Zero Resistance Living – the advanced course in Psycho-Cybernetics.

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