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February 23rd, 2009

How to Create Power

Think about this for a moment. There are two kinds of power: Organized Power and Scattered Power.

Let’s start with the latter. Scattered power isn’t really power at all. It’s energy scattered here, there and everywhere. A bit of this. A bit of that. But nothing that can be turned on and tapped into.

Sadly, this is the way of most people. They have all the tools, physically, mentally and technically to become the person they want to be – but none of their energy is organized, so they get nowhere.

And if a person lacks the tools, he or she has an imagination … and with proper use of it, he can acquire the knowledge, talents and abilities needed to accomplish his aim.

Organized Power is nothing more than taking your talents, knowledge, skills and MIND – and packing them together like a snowball. Or putting them together like a sand castle at the beach. Or building a house. Or writing a book.

Now, here’s the interesting thing: The key ingredient in Organized Power is YOUR MIND.

You can look out your window at two feet of snow on the ground. Or a beach filled with white sand. But if you don’t get the IMAGE in your mind about what your want – and hold that image – you’ll never bother to organize the raw material before you into snowballs, sand castles or a new home.

So the first thing to organize isn’t ‘things.’ The first thing to organize is your mind.

How do you organize your mind.

By setting concrete, specific goals that you review often.

By thinking about those goals everyday in the theatre of your own mind.

By using your imagination more often than your will power.

By being open to answers that come your way.

By understanding that success doesn’t go in a straight line; success comes in a zig-zag fashion.

By seeing and FEELING what you want out of life.

And by seeing yourself with kind eyes; by seeing yourself as deserving of everything good in life.

Organize your mind and your life will follow.

And that’s a fact.

Discover the extraordinary program that will help you organize your mind into a powerhouse of creativity. The raw material lays before you here and is now being offered at 50% off for a very short time.

Jump in now and begin Creating POWER on the inside – then see it come into being on the outside.


Matt Furey

P.S. This past weekend I met several people who are using the Zero Resistance Living Course and they swear by it. One lady had a record year in 2008, financially, and is already on track to better her best this year. Join in the fun.

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