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Welcome to the Official Site of Psycho-Cybernetics and Theatre of the Mind. This is where we do as the good doctor, Maxwell Maltz, did for so many years. We heal internal scars. We give you an emotional face lift. We transform the agonizing pain of defeat, failure, frustration and loneliness into courage, confidence, love, gratitude and peace of mind. We help you reach your goals by showing you how to remove the obstacles that you think are standing in your way.

As a reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr. Maltz realized that although “plastic surgery” benefited 0.5% of the population, the other 99.5% had unresolved emotional scars from the past, and that these could be removed by changing your self-image. Once these internal scars were irradiated, what followed was a life of success and happiness with you reaching “the greatest port in the world: peace of mind.”

On this blog, I will be giving you Psycho-Cybernetics success tips for transforming your self-image, as well as making recommendations on books, courses and seminars that will take you to the next level. Make sure you subscribe to our email list as well because we have special offers that you’ll want to see.

Matt Furey, President, Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, Inc.

May 26th, 2015

11th Commandment: No T.V. for 25 Years

Last night I read an article about Pope Francis. Says he hasn’t watched tee-vee in 25 years.

Stop everything you’re doing and ponder this for a moment.

Regardless of your fatih, beliefs, etc. – consider this act in and of itself, for it’s own merit.

I’ve been told the average American watches 21 hours of television per week. And many of these same people believe they “don’t have time” to get things done. They’re busy. Very, very busy.

Tee-vee is only ONE of the many “activities” people engage in on a daily basis, that keeps them from doing something productive with their lives. Now, I’m not saying you “should” stop watching television – nor is it a commandment.

But perhaps dropping the telly is worthy of consideration.

When I read the article on the Pope – I truly took some time to reflect on it. What if I cut back on all the baseball games I watch on the box? And that’s literally about ALL I ever watch on t.v.

I cannot tell you who the most popular stars are, or what programs are rated or ranked. Don’t know the names of any of the shows. Or the times they come on.

For the MOST part, I have ZERO interest in tee-vee.

Except for watching baseball.

What if I completely gave that up? No more baseball on the tube. None. Just quit cold turkey.

Same goes for a host of other distractions. Like the cell phone.

Last week I forgot my phone. Left it at home.

Turned out to be a good thing after I got over the feeling of having lost an artificial limb.

Why do we think we MUST have a gadget with us at all times making us accessiible by text, email, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, all day long?

How about a withdrawal program?

Make a short term pact with yourself to give up ONE of your gadgets or activities for a week and see if you feel better.

If this causes you to feel uncomfortable, consider WHY.

This morning I wanted to turn on the idiot box. I really did. Wanted to get a recap of yesterday’s “plays of the day.”

I ignored this urging and got busy reading something – and typing a few emails.

Can I do this for a week, a month, a year, or 25 years?

I suppose so – but how about taking it one day at a time for now. Or half-a-day at a time. Or as I’ve taught over the years – one breath at a time.

For today I will observe the 11th Commandment – no tee-vee. It already feels pretty good. Despite the urgings of my subconscious telling me, “Look, Matt, you don’t watch that much. And you don’t watch ridiculous shows and such all day long. A little bit of this is okay” – I’m going to ignore those thoughts.

For today. For this breath. For this instant.

And I’m going to get more done in less time.

If you’d like to join me on this – keep me posted on how it’s working for you.

Kick the tee-vee habit – get more done in less time,

Matt Furey

author of Theatre of the Mind – a Nightingale-Conant best-seller – get it now for $40 off the original amount

P.S. Tee-vee is only one a thousands of daily distractions – but it’s a big one. Using this same strategy for some other time-slurper is a good idea, too. Just don’t try to revolutionize your entire life overnight. Start with one thing, build a success around it, then if you’d like, go to the next thing.

May 20th, 2015

Success is in Your Jeans

Several months ago I was consulting with a man who wants to be a writer. Thing is, for most of his life, he’s felt incapable of being one.
April 14th, 2015

What “Empty Your Cup” Means

Over the years, I’ve had a number of conversations with self-help authors and speakers who refer to their work as “head-trip stuff.”

April 10th, 2015

Best Time to Focus on a Goal

Question: When’s the best time to focus your mind and visualize your goals?

Answer: Not when you think it is.

Seriously. Most of us have been told to visualize first thing in the morning or just before going to bed at night.

And these notions are correct if you’re a “neck-up” type of person.

I’m not.

Neither are many of the people I deal with. And based upon my experience in dealing with those who aren’t exactly physical – I believe you’ll help them far more by engaging their body as you “work” on the mind.

Contemplate the following: Almost everyone feels better after going for a walk.

Walking clears the cobwebs from your mind. It moves the blood, gets you breathing deeper and helps endorphins flow stronger.

Walking is good medicine for the mind – especially when you do it oudoors, in nature, surrounded by trees. Or on the beach. Or along a mountain road.

And when you combine walking time with visualization time – you capture two birds with each step.

Most of the people who live in the area that I coach are used to me having them do something physical as we talk.

They don’t come to me, sit in a lazy boy and have me guide them through Theatre of the Mind.

Instead, when they show up, they are handed a jump rope or told to follow me as I begin walking.

And when we walk, we talk.

They ask questions and get answers.

The stories flow. The advice pours out of me.

And they get even more super-charged – I’d say at least
three times more – than if they were merely sitting and listening.

I realize most of you reading these words cannot come and walk/talk with me personally.

But all of you can do as Richard has writen below:

Hey Matt,
Just want to let you know that I’ve gone through the entire TOTM CDs and video and am now on my second listening. I put it on my ipod and listen while doing chores or taking walks.
I think your program is excellent, one of the best if not THE best I’ve ever come across (I’ve listened to a lot of them) full of great transformative information and techniques. You are a great storyteller and it’s really easy to listen to.
One thing that I’ve glommed onto early on is the face behind the face and the inner smile. Really makes a huge difference.
Thanks for doing it and putting it out there.

MJF: Thank you, Richard. Maybe someday you can come to Tampa and experience the message LIVE. Glad you’re enjoying the CDs.

Well, my friend, if nothing else – get out there and walk. and if you really want to get somewhere in life – listen to my Theatre of the Mind program while you walk.

Turning walking time into success time.


Matt Furey

March 30th, 2015

#1 Path to Success

This morning, Michael, a private client, who lives in the area, met me at 10 AM for a session.

He says, “I’ve been walking six miles a day. I do three in the morning and three more at night – and I listen to your Theatre of the Mind CDs the entire time. It’s awesome.”

“Great,” I said. “Let’s go for a walk.”

He smiled.

We started to walk and talk. And as we walked he began to ask questions. Really good questions.

He wanted to know the main difference between self-esteem and self-image – and how each relates to success.

He wanted to know why some people who achieve various successes, still don’t feel good deep inside.

I explained to him that many people cannot wrap their mind around the very word “success.”

They don’t have a clear or working definition of what it is. Ask these people to tell you about a success experience they’ve had and they literally draw blanks.

Truly. They cannot conceive of a single success experience.

Even if they’ve completed 8 years of college and have a doctorate – or they’re medical doctors, they can still find reasons WHY they haven’t really had a success experience yet.

I know people who’ve built their own homes, earned a ton of dough, married the woman of their dreams, written books, created companies, traveled the whirld – and yet, deep down, they still feel like nothing.

How can this be possible?

Truth be told, this situation is more common than you’d think.

Some people don’t feel successful, regardless of what they’ve done, because they don’t know how to be grateful, to stop and smell, touch and kiss the roses.

As soon as they accomplish one thing, they’re off to the next thing. Gratitude doesn’t exist. Taking time to breathe and be free doesn’t exist.

It’s more, more, more.

And more is good – provided you have the decency to appreciate what you have, where you’ve been and what you’ve got.

How many people do you know who say “thank you” – and mean it?

How often do you take a few moments during your day to think about all the things, all the people, all the circumstances you’ve had, are having – or will soon have – and how marvelous it is to be in your shoes – with or without the problems that go with it?

How often?

Chances are excellent that you NEVER take the time to be grateful. Or you do it so seldom the answer is practically never.

Last night I was playing ball with my son. When we finished, I said, “Son, I have something for you.”

I walked toward him. He’s waiting for me to give him something. But where is this something? Where am I hiding it? Am I going to get it out of my car? Or from the house?

As I walked toward him I could sense his curiosity growing. And when I was a foot away, I threw my arms around his torso and gave him a hug.

“Way to work today,” I said. “That’s awesome.”

We tend to overlook the little things that pay big dividends.

We tend to overlook the bigger things that are central to where we are today.

And we’re so good at overlooking the little and the bigger – that we even overlook the really BIG things, the pivotal people, the life-changers, the knowledge, the information, the six honest serving men – as Kipling called them.

No, I’m not successful because I’m not as rich as Bill Gates.

That’s B.S.

No, I’m not successful because I wasn’t valedictorian, or didn’t win the World Series, or the Super Bowl or get my Ph.D.

More B.S.

No, I’m not successful because ….

Because what?

You’re alive, aren’t you? Your heart’s still beating. You can still breathe. You can still walk, talk, read, write and feed yourself.

The fact is you could do NONE of the above when you were getting started – and breathing and having a heart beat are not something you do to yourself. They’re automatic.

Even if you cover your mouth to forcibly stop breathing, eventually nature will force your hand so you gasp for air.

So what’s the #1 Path to Success?

It’s the path of remembering who you are, where you came from, who helped you along the way – and how grateful and happy you are for everyone and everything.

Know someone who won’t show gratitude?

They’re on the path to failure.

And you’re not.

The greatness of Theatre of the Mind is that the process puts you into a state of gratitude and a state of flow – and it does so easily and naturally, without you even realizing it.

What a way to live.


Matt Furey

P.S. Want to know of one of the biggest reasons why so many visualizers, affirmers and goal setters never get what they want? Listen to Theatre of  the Mind and it’ll be clearer than crystal.

March 11th, 2015

Why Affirmations Don’t Work

This morning, I’d like to tackle a question that many readers have on the subject of positive affirmations.Do they or don’t they work?Below is what one customer recently wrote – followed by my answer:

Dear Matt,

March 4th, 2015

Cursing Your Circumstances

As some say in the south – “dadgummit.”

That’s what I could have said yesterday – and a whole lot more, when I spent a good half-hour working on an email masterpiece.

It was a great one. It was riveting. It cut right to the heart of the matter in many peoples’ lives – especially the financial aspect.

Upon finishing this masterpiece – the computer shut down. There was no way to retrieve what I’d written because it was typed on the email site itself – not on a document.

As soon as this happened – I inhaled, took a breath and surprised myself with my next thought.

What was it?

Well, it wasn’t “dadgummit.” It didn’t contain expletives – unspoken or out loud.

It was as follows…

“Looks like that email wasn’t supposed to go out today. You can re-do it later. You can still remember what you wrote, so nothing is really lost – except time – and time doesn’t really exist anyway – so carry on.”


Are you serious, Furey?


Again, this suprised me. I’m not normally this calm about things. Close – but not when I lose something I’ve written.

If I had to give you a penny for all the times in life I’ve gotten upset over stupid stuff, worried over things that will soon pass, driven myself to frustration instead of unwinding my mind – you’d have a nice little nest-egg – that’s for sure.

Part of being truly human is the willingness to admit that you make mistakes. Stupid mistakes.

The other part is being willing to forgive YOURSELF – so you can move on and improve.

When we think about forgiveness, we usually think it’s about “others.” It’s not. It’s about YOU. It’s always about YOU.

You start by dropping the baggage about yourself. You drop the “I’m an X because I did X” story.

And as you’re able to toss your own garbage out – you open space within your mind to realize that others can be given a bit more slack,too.

After tossing out your own stupidities – and learning from them – you return to the NOW – for a fleeting moment – because the NOW never lasts. The NOW is gone as soon as it arrives.

Yet, from this so-called NOW – we can go into the past to find the moments in time when we experienced happiness, joy,
elation, peace of mind and so on.



You go back in time to the moments when you were at your best – and then you feel as if you’re truly living them in the NOW.

The so-called NOW is when time stops. It ceases to exist. You have no sense of it whatsoever. You and what you are doing or not doing are just existing.

This awareness of who you are allows you to navigate life with effortless ease.

In Psycho-Cybernetics speak, we call this Zero Resistance Living.

You stop going through life with sand-paper rubbing against your skin. You start sliding through life as if you’re riding a sled through packed snow. You start rising higher with the wind – realizing you cannot get anywhere without it.

There are those who think you must resist life to make it; that you must even resist resistance itself.

I don’t share this line of thought.

Resistance is something you turn into effortless effort.

You’re working – but it doesn’t feel like work.

You’re practicing – even doing so with absolute gusto – but it doesn’t feel like practice.

You’re competing – giving it all you’ve got – and you make it look easy.

That’s what life is like when you use resistance to climb higher instead of seeing it as another battle to overcome.

Yesterday a man who recently purchased Theatre of the Mind wrote to tell me how calm he’s getting following the program. He says he’s listened to the program three times already – and he now has his wife listening to it along with him.

When a program is so good that you listen to it repeatedly, something must be right on about it. Comments like this make my day.

If you’ve got a story to tell about your experiences with Theatre of the Mind – please let me hear it. Would love to know about it

All for now – and so far, no dadgummits.


Coach Furey

P.S. Starting over isn’t so hard. Each day we do it, without thinking. If you made a mistake yesterday, don’t curse your circumstances. Start again today.

No worry. No fear.

February 17th, 2015

Shut if Off

Last week I wrote about the Failure Mechanism and how to shut it off. Many of you wrote to ask for more information.

February 10th, 2015

Biggest Mistake Coaches Make

 The other day I gave my daughter a tennis lesson.

I decided to do so after watching her get a private lesson from a very good coach.

As I watched her lesson, though, I made a few mental notes on what to work on. There was one mistake that she repeatedly made – so I devised a way to correct it for her, within 5 minutes, and do so without ever telling her she was doing anything wrong.


Now, that’s a pretty big idea, especially when I’m not a tennis coach and for all “practical” purposes, am not qualified to give instruction on the game.

Okay, if I’m “not qualified” – how’d the session go with my daughter?

Well, first let me tell you what I didn’t do – EVER, in the entire lesson.

First, I gave zero instruction on mechanics, how to hit the ball or anything remotely close.

Second, I never corrected her mechanics in any way.

Third, I believed I could have her hitting the ball correctly within a few minutes with this “mental game” method.

So what happened?

In less than five minutes, she was stroking the ball better than ever.

Now, how could that be? Am I joking?

Not at all.

Here’s the trick: People make mistakes all the time when they do something new. And they’re told by coaches that in order to create “muscle memory” they need to repeat their technique 2,000 times in a row in order to have a repeatable movement pattern that’s on auto-pilot.

This is totally false and misleading.

Far too many coaches and teachers still don’t realize that mistakes are NOT a bad thing – so long as you learn from them and use them as feedback to guide you to a BETTER – not a perfect – performance.

IF you continually point out mistakes – you cause the person to become a bit more tense and a bit more inhibited. More tension and more inhibition lead to reduced performance.

So the key is to reduce tension and reduce inhibition – to remove the fear and frustration of making mistakes. To actually VALUE your mistakes. To practice without pressure so that you can think and make adjustments.

As a coach, if you don’t condemn mistakes, neither will the player.

If you don’t have something to say after every shot – the silence will do more to help the athlete than your barking about technique and mechanics.

You’ve got to trust that the player isn’t an idiot, that if you know when to leave her alone – she’ll actually turn out better.

You’ve got to know what not to say.

You’ve got to know how to give the athlete the control so she can make the adjustments on her own and figure it out herself.

And the amazing thing is you don’t even have to know the game in order to do this.

Let me tell you, my daughter was smiling and having a blast. She was loving the game more than ever.

Her Dad was a genius. How’d he know all this stuff to help her get better so fast?

What I know is how to “Defeat the Failure Mechanism.”

That’s right. The Failure Mechanism.

If you don’t know how to shut the feelings of frustration, fear and inhibition OFF – no amount of positive thinking will help you.


Because the failure mechanism will undermine all the positive stuff you’re trying to do.

As parents, coaches and teachers, many of us unknowingly contribute to the inhibition, fear and frustration of those we love. It’s sad but true.

I did so myself.

Until I discovered the secrets of defeating the failure mechanism.

Once I had these keys in mind and began implementing them, I was no longer the same coach, teacher or parent.

I’d like to pass these keys on to you. If interested let me know.


Matt Furey

P.S. Remember, you can save $40 off the price of Theatre of the Mind if you order NOW. It’s the best CD program out there – and was created without a bit of self-criticism on my part. It was all FLOW. Listen to this program and it’ll connect you to the Force of FLOW as well.

February 9th, 2015

The Power of a Daily Discipline

Over 20 years ago, author Deng Ming Dao, autographed two of his best-sellers for me.

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