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Welcome to the Official Site of Psycho-Cybernetics and Theatre of the Mind. This is where we do as the good doctor, Maxwell Maltz, did for so many years. We heal internal scars. We give you an emotional face lift. We transform the agonizing pain of defeat, failure, frustration and loneliness into courage, confidence, love, gratitude and peace of mind. We help you reach your goals by showing you how to remove the obstacles that you think are standing in your way.

As a reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr. Maltz realized that although “plastic surgery” benefited 0.5% of the population, the other 99.5% had unresolved emotional scars from the past, and that these could be removed by changing your self-image. Once these internal scars were irradiated, what followed was a life of success and happiness with you reaching “the greatest port in the world: peace of mind.”

On this blog, I will be giving you Psycho-Cybernetics success tips for transforming your self-image, as well as making recommendations on books, courses and seminars that will take you to the next level. Make sure you subscribe to our email list as well because we have special offers that you’ll want to see.

Matt Furey, President, Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, Inc.

January 21st, 2014

“Birth, Death – same-same”

At 7 a.m. yesterday, as I sat holding my Mom’s hand, I gazed deeply into her fading eyes as I sent loving energy to her.

Being trained in the internal martial arts, it was only natural for my focus to be inward as well as outward. The “dan tian” area, located a few inches below the navel center was one internal focus point. And as I kept this focus energy streamed through my body, connected to my core and flowed into my mother’s body via our connected palms.

On two separate occasions Mom looked at me and smiled. Despite her agony, she still found a way to express the joy she embodied.

Before my eyes I saw how our roles were now reversed. It wasn’t that long ago that Mom was helping a newborn baby come to life in this world – and stay alive. It was “only a flicker” ago that I was in the hospital bed with her, and it was my lips that were shaking. It was I who couldn’t speak. It was I who needed love more than anything else.

Now I was “Mom” and she was “me.”

And in a strange twist of the cosmos, for the very first time, my arm was an umbilical chord sending love to my mother’s soul. I felt the energy pulsing so strongly from my center and through her arm that I realized: “HA. Birth and death – same-same.”

They may not feel the same – but they really are.

There is no “loss” in my Mom’s exit from this earthly plain. Only gain.

As I told my Dad yesterday, “To go out on Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a victory. She’s singing, ‘Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty I’m Free at Last.”

I thank all of you for your kind emails, text messages and Facebook comments. They mean a lot to me.

In particular, I cherish the message that read, “I feel honored to have met your Mom.”

Yes, it was an honor to know my Mom. Even more to be raised by her.

Thank you,

Matthew John

January 20th, 2014

Thank You, Mom – R. I. P.

I got up yesterday morning at 10 a.m. Slept in a bit after teaching for two straight days.

Looked in the closet and put on a jersey I only wore once. It was when I attended Super Bowl 43.

I wore it all day – and wondered why.

Then late yesterday afternoon I sent out an email entitled “The Battle for Your Life.” Strange subject line. Wondered why I chose that one.

Three minutes after the email went out my father called. Before I answered I heard a voice say, “Your mother died.”


I answered. My dad could barely speak. I kept saying “hello” and then he said, “Mother is in emergency.”

My wife and I, along with my friend, Mark, rushed to my Dad’s home and picked him up.

As soon as my father saw my mother’s condition he called the pastor. I knew the end was near but she survived the night.

At 5:30 am I was awakened by an angel telling me to go NOW to the hospital.

I was greeted by an open-eyed mother, glad to see me. I held her hand until nearly 8 am – then left to pick up my father.

Before leaving I told my Mom I was going to get Dad and bring him to see her.

“Is that okay?” I asked. She shook her head no. Nah, couldn’t be.

On the way to the hospital I told my Dad that Mom was hanging on for him and he needed to give her permission to transition Both of us began to cry. Then we recovered and he nodded and prayed that God could have her now if it was best for her.

When we walked into my Mom’s room we were greeted by the nurse who told us “she just died.”

After our initial reaction, my Dad and I acknowledged that she didn’t want her husband of 63 years to see her last moments. Always the private person. Right to the very end of her physical journey.

This one began on 4/30/1927 – so now you know why I wore number 43 yesterday.

Mom, I’m so thankful that you were my Mother. I love you – and we’ll stay in touch. You’ll be hearing from me – often.

I’ll never forget you and now pass back to you what you would always write and say to me, “I love you – but Jesus loves you more.”

You’re now with Him – then again you always were.

Your son,

Matthew John

P. S. Last night Frank said, “You always made the best waffles.”

Kathleen Rose McGrath Furey

4/30/1927 – 1/20/2014

January 9th, 2014

Einstein only half-right

Hello my friend,

You’ve probably heard the Albert Einstein quote on insanity. If not, here tis:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

He was right on.

Yet, there’s always more to the story. There’s always a different view or perspective.

Let’s start with my definition of sanity to gain more clarity:

“Sanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a similar result.”

From a Psycho-Cybernetics point of view, the quote above is also correct. Most people fail to look into what they did when they were at their best. They don’t take time to consider what they were thinking, feeling, hearing, seeing and doing.

When you take the time to discover when you were at your best, you tap into a reservoir of invisible powers that help guide you to many more positive experiences.

Here’s another way I like to address the definition of sanity:

“Discovering what works and doing it over and over again so you can obtain similar results that lead to mastery.”

This approach is uncommon as most  people constantly change and do things differently just for the sake of change or to combat boredom.

This is just as insane as continuing to do the same things that don’t work over and over while hoping for an improvement.

Then there’s another detail. Perhaps you’re doing the right things over and over again and the results haven’t appeared yet. Does this mean you’re insane to expect a different result?

No. It means you need to spend more time doing the right things over and over until the results you seek manifest.

No one would say watering and giving sunlight to the apple seed you recently planted was the wrong action because the tree hasn’t appeared with apples on it yet.

The same is true with sanity leading to mastery. You find out what it takes to win from someone who’s achieved the type of results you seek, then you follow what he thought, felt and did.

As you do this, in most undertakings, you’d be insane to expect different results in mere moments.

At the same time, when you add the energetic and mental components to the physical – now that, my friend, can accelerate results so quickly others may think you “insane” when you tell them what happened.

In this case, probably best to “zip the lips.”

Be Still – and Flow,

Matt Furey

P. S. I’m back in Tampa. Arrived at midnight. Had a tremendous trip. More details forthcoming.

January 3rd, 2014

Turn Back Your Clock

“When you’re in Flow, when you’re in the Zone – time stops. Time disappears. Time even rewinds itself – or shoots forward. There is a time to use time. And there’s a time to lose yourself in time. When you’re totally in the moment, living fully, completely absorbed and focused – that’s when time in inconsequential. When it’s just you and Infinity – a lot gets accomplished without a shred of tension or stress. Turn back your clock to a moment when all was well in your world. Breathe life into that moment and experience the difference.”

Matt Furey

January 2nd, 2014

The No-Plan Plan

“What’s the plan for tomorrow,” asks a friend, who is visiting China for the first time.

“Flow,” I reply.

“Flow?” he questions with an uncertain smile.


“But what are you going to do?”

“Flow,” I reply again.

”I’m not sure what that entails.”

“That’s the idea,” I answer.

Ponder the following: Do you really think your day will go better if you have an A-Z plan? Maybe some great things will happen above and beyond your thinking if you have a picture in your mind of something you’d like to experience, then you allow the Universe to do the rest in guiding you to it.

Plans are valuable in the right time and place. Yet, the same is true of the “no plan-plan.”

Give yourself one day per week of spontaneous flow and you’ll probably enjoy life more than you did during the previous six days combined.

Who knows – you may decide to flop the other way afterward. Imagine being in flow six days per week with one day planned out in great detail.

Don’t try to do it. Just ponder the idea for a spell and see what happens.

Be Still – and Flow,

Matt Furey

December 31st, 2013

The Mirror Talks

“You can look in the mirror and tell yourself you look good. But there comes a day when you look in the mirror and the mirror says you look good. And that’s an achievement.”

Matt Furey

November 6th, 2013

Change X3

“Visualization changes you physically, energetically and spiritually. You are affected on all three of these levels anytime you imagine with feeling. Any image you hold in your mind and add emotion to will set wheels in motion. Whether or not these wheels are transporting ‘goods’ or ‘bads’ depends upon the image you hold and the feeling you imprint upon it. To change who you are is never a physical task. It is psycho-spiritual. We see ourselves with outer and inner eyes and make judgements based upon what we view with our inner senses. Your self-image is what you see with your inner eyes. It represents who you are now and what you will become in the future now.

Matt Furey

Note: Last chance to enroll in THE FLOW II is now upon us. Let’s do it.

November 5th, 2013

Smaller is Better

“Far too many people stress when given a goal that challenges them to be far more than they think they are right now. This stress blocks the flow and leads to poor performance. It’s far better to give yourself a simple, clear, open-ended goal of constant improvement, regardless of how good you become along the way. Small steps are achievable without tension. Big steps forward are really many small improvements compiled over time.”

Matt Furey

Note: Only 3 seats remain for The Flow II. Nab them while you can.

November 1st, 2013

Smooth and Relaxed = Power

“Don’t try to be powerful. Don’t try to be anything. Nature doesn’t try, it just is. Be natural. Stop trying so hard to be something. Imagine and feel what you want to be – then be relaxed and smooth and power will effortlessly flow out of you like a fire hose. You can try with all your muscular power all you wish, but no beautiful movements will come from it. When you engage your body, breath and imagination in what you do – when you FEEL what you’re about – heaven and earth will move to help you create a smooth, flowing, effortless type of effort that most will never experience. Why? Because most think, erroneously, that physical effort is supreme, that everything is about mechanics. When you’re demonstrating FLOW in action, only a fool talks about mechanics.”

Matt Furey

Note: Only 5 spots left for The FLOW II. Get them while they last.

October 31st, 2013

Japanese Proverb

Here’s one of my favorite proverbs. It’s worthy of posting where you’ll see it often:

“Vision without action is daydream.
Action without vision is nightmare.”
—Japanese Proverb

Good one, eh?

By the way, only 6 seats remain for The Flow II. If you want to learn how to embody the Japanese proverb in this email, and much more, enroll now. It’ll shift your life into the stratosphere.


Matt Furey



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