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February 11th, 2008

What We’re Teaching Kids Today

The other day, John, a member of my Psycho-Cyb coaching program, sent me the following note:

My 9 year old grandson has been having some trouble in school over the last few months. My wife and daughter were offering the usual threats/incentives. I took a different tack. I told him that every morning when he gets out of bed to imagine he is holding a HUGE report card that fills the room and that there are A’s and B’s on it.

Also, that there’s all sorts of people who want to high five him for the good grades. And to jump around the room high fiving all those people. You should see the smile on his face as he thinks about it.

Friday, I go over to his house to pick him up for the weekend and right away he pulls me over to show me his work book for the week. He says “Papa, I’ve
been magining.”

And the papers he showed me ALL SHOW IMPROVEMENT.

Matt, I love this little boy more than I’ve loved anyone in the whole world. There’s no words that allow me to thank you enough for teaching me how to help him.


MJF: John, the pleasure is all mine. What we teach young children is incredibly important. And as you’ve said, it all starts in the ‘magination.

Let me tell you a similar story with my son, Frank.

On Saturday Frank was getting ready for his final soccer game of the year. It’s his first year in this sport while many of the other kids in the league are already in their third and fourth season. So Frank has had a lot of catching up to do.

Before Saturday’s game, for the entire season, Frank had only scored three goals. I told Frank that this number was nothing to be ashamed of. Most important was that he try his hardest; that he put forth his best effort, win or lose, every time he plays.

Then I told him that the three goals he’d made were successful experiences he could draw energy from and re-create,
over and over.

He asked how, so I guided him through a very quick visualization, reliving the three goals he made. Then I told him to imagine scoring one goal after another.

He did this for five minutes or so.

That was it.

Well, guess what happened in the game. Frank scored a goal.

But not just one goal.

And not just two.

He scored THREE goals in the same game.

Young children’s minds are wide open to the power of suggestion. When you teach them how to imagine, how to visualize, the results can come FAR, FAR FASTER than adults who are skeptical and filled with doubt and fear.

Reminds me of the Bible passage on how we must become like little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Matthew Furey

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