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March 4th, 2008

Today’s the BIG DAY

Each day is as big as we choose to make it. And yes, we do MAKE our own way each and every day.

There’s nothing special about any date in time other than the focus and meaning and concentration you ascribe to it.

Today is a BIG day for Texas and Ohio because of the political primaries. But it’s a BIG day elsewhere for some one else for an entirely different reason.

Perhaps it’s the day you go for a raise and get it. Or it’s the day you score the winning basket in a game – or the day you set a record in sales.

Maybe it’s the day you make a big decision or achieve a goal you’ve worked on for a long time.

Whatever it is, think of the mindset you went to bed with the night before the BIG DAY.

You breathed different. You pictured things in your mind in a different way. You talked to yourself and carried your self with a very different energy.


Because of the meaning you gave to the day.

Imagine if you lived every day as if it was the BIG DAY.

Imagine how life would be if every night before bed you thought to yourself, “Aaah, tomorrow is BIG because ….”

It’s not too hard to do.

Sakai Yusai, the Tendai monk called the Japanese Superman and considered a Living Buddha in Japan – ran 1,000 marathons in seven years. Then he did it again. The second time in six years.

One of his sayings: “Live each day as if it were your whole life.”

Think about that one for a moment.

It’s a powerful way to think of each day as the BIG DAY, don’t you think.

We’re familiar with the saying, “Live each day as if it were your last.” Tis a great thought, too. But I think living each day as if it’s your whole life forces you to go DEEPER – to really pay attention to everything in a more powerful way.

I hope you’ll come meet Sakai Yusai this May, when he participates in my Get Tough Ultimate Fitness Challenge. For details go to www.gettough.com

Matt Furey

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