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July 14th, 2009

Something good for you today

What if you began your day today with the following mental picture: You see and hear someone you admire calling you by phone.

You answer and he says, “Something really good is coming to you today. I can’t tell you what it is. But keep your eyes peeled for it.”

After hanging up the phone, I believe you would spend the rest of the day LOOKING for the good thing coming your way.

And you would FIND it.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that before the end of the day you would call the person who phoned you to give him an update. And it would be positive.

When you begin your day looking for the good things that you expect to happen to you – you’ll attract more of them. Conversely, when you begin by looking for everything that could go wrong – you’ll find more of them as well.

The trick is learning how to turn everything that happens, the good and the supposedly bad into feedback that serves you and your purpose.

In 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, I give you an A-Z course on how to program yourself for the good each day. It begins from the first moment in which your eyes open – then progresses thru your day – right up to the moment beforeĀ  you go to sleep.

And just before sleep, I help guide you into the world of money making dreams. No other course has ever given you so much detail of what it really takes to change your vibration – and your life.

Get 101 Ways to Magnetize Money today and watch how many good things you begin to find taking place in your life.


Matt Furey

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