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January 29th, 2009

Religion and Politics are …

Karl Marx, the heavyweight champion of enslaving the masses, was fond of saying, “Religion is the opiate of the people.”

Being that the Zen Master of the Internet has the same birthday as Marx, I feel that it’s my duty to adjust his saying a bit.

“Politics is the opiate of the people.”

There is no ‘rising up’ when you put your faith in government – yet that is what the politicians hope you’ll do.

And if you do, your vision for the future is bleak.

Anytime you view others as the source of your supply – you limit yourself.

Let me prove it to you:

Make a mental picture of the government giving you food and money and a job.

Okay, got it.

Now mentally pretend that God, the Universe, Infinity, the Cosmos, or whatever you choose to call it, is the source of your supply. Imagine that you are being supplied by the invisible force that moves the wind, shines the sun, darkens the sky and grows everything on this planet. Imagine that while the sun is shining upon you – you find the resources, learn the skills and take the actions that will prosper you.

Picturing the Infinite as the source of your supply will change how you feel. It will also change your world, the actions you take in it and the results you obtain.

Picturing the government doing it for you, on the other hand, will do almost nothing to give you a sense of happiness, peace of mind or fulfillment. It will only make you worse off than ever before.

I don’t trust politicians, and I wonder why so many people do, especially when the vast majority of them are NOT doing what is best for the people they are supposedly serving.

$700 billion in the fall – now another $819 billion – and soon after another $400 billion – and then – and then – and then.

There is no way we’ll ever be able to repay the money we are printing. We won’t even be able to pay back the interest.

Yet, we’re being told that all will be okay if we keep our faith in the politicians.

I prefer to place my faith in the Infinite – and the connection I have to it. I prefer to believe in a Creator who gave me and you the power of a creative imagination and the ability to make a heaven out of hell.

I prefer to use my imagination in a way that we’re not seeing on Capitol Shrill; a way in which we don’t dig a hole into the center of the earth in order to move upward.

All success begins in the mind of man through the faculty of his creative imagination. You imagine the way you want your life to be – and then you pay attention to what is going on outside of you to prevent what you’re envisioning from coming true.

In my study of Chinese martial arts I keep the following saying in mind, “Look forward – listen backward.”

This phrase alone will increase your psychic self-defense by 100 percent in a heartbeat. To create what you want in life you don’t just pay attention to the offensive maneuvers you are using. You also pay attention to what you need to do to ward off those who want to keep you from succeeding.

You imagine success – but you also imagine the WORST possible things happening and how you’ll respond IF they ever do.

Doing this will increase your chances another 100 percent, at least.

Michael Phelps won the 200-meter butterfly in the Beijing Olympics even though his goggles were filled with water for at least 150 meters of the race.

He couldn’t see at all.

How did he win.

He counted his strokes.

How did he know to count his strokes. Well, in his imagination he played out the worst scenarios and what could happen to prevent him from winning the gold. And one of those scenarios was how he would respond if his goggles filled with water.

When it happened, he knew what to do.

What’s your back-up plan.

Do you have a psychic shield up to defend yourself against all the negative energies permeating our world. If not, you better get one.

Have you mentally pictured what you’ll do IF our country undergoes a total financial collapse – or another terrorist attack.

If you haven’t – you might want to consider doing so. All studies show that those who survive when times are tough are the very people who did as Michael Phelps did when winning the 200-meter butterfly.

To get you started, go watch the two videos I have up.

Then make sure you order the world famous Zero Resistance Living Program.

Matt Furey

P.S. Later today I’m going to film a powerhouse DVD filled with protections you can begin using to keep yourself in a positive state of mind, even if you’re fighting for your life. Stay tuned.

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