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February 12th, 2009

Plan A – Plan B

I’m willing to place a bet.

I’m betting that inside your home you have a medicine cabinet filled with medicines that you currently do NOT need.

I’m also willing to bet that you have an assortment of other gadgets designed to eliminate unwanted ‘stuff’ from your life.

If you’re a man, you have razors, nose and ear hair trimmers, dental floss and so on.

If you’re a woman, you probably have even more gadgets to remove ‘stuff’ than most men.

Ever wonder whether having the medicines or gadgets is a form of ‘negative thinking?’ After all, wouldn’t it be better to ONLY visualize what you want?

Aren’t you saying to yourself, by having medicine and nose hair removers that something may go wrong? And if you’re setting up such an environment, aren’t you activating the Law of Attraction and causing it to happen?

Truth: There is a Law of Attraction. But there is also a Law of Polar Opposites – and if there is a Law of Polar Opposites, by law there must also be a Law of Dis-traction.

Law of Attraction – that which you focus on expands or contracts based upon how you focus on it (my definition)

Law of Distraction – that which you ignore may also expand or contract depending on how you don’t focus on it (also my definition)

For example, you can increase your health by focusing on doing the things you need to do to improve it.

Yet, you can also increase illness, overweight, etc. by being distracted by anything and everything but health.

And what happens if you get sick? Yes, you focus on seeing yourself getting better. But you also take immediate action to correct the illness. In short, you simultaneously implement Plan A and an ever-changing Plan B.

You move toward what you want and you move away from what you don’t want. At the same time.

Today, I think most people will agree that our nation is in great peril. Yet, it’s amazing to me how many people are playing ‘see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.’

It’s amazing how many people are closing the blinds and ignoring what is going on. It’s amazing how many people think that if they ‘believe’ nothing bad will ever happen – that nothing ever will.

It’s amazing how many people think that you don’t need a medicine cabinet in the environment of your mind. They think that those who cry foul are negative, fearful, angry, resentful and so on.

They’re acting like the golfer who is totally unaware of the rough, the sand traps, the ponds and the pits – so he is continually in them.

They’re like the football receiver who doesn’t understand he must land with both feet in bounds for the catch to count. Don’t be negative and tell him that he was out of bounds. They’re like the musician who’ll never make it because she doesn’t want to be told that the notes she’s playing don’t sound good.

In Psycho-Cybernetics you learn that success is not a mistake-proof process. Success comes about as a result of making and correcting mistakes. You see the mistakes – and you change course to correct them while also continuing to move toward what you want.

Psycho-Cybernetics is also about building upon previous success experiences. It’s going back into your mind and excavating the BEST times, the times in which everything was better than it is now. It’s determining which courses of action led you toward positive results – which lead you toward negative – then choosing to move toward the best of both worlds.

When you set a goal and create Plan A, the truth is that it will NOT work out exactly the way you think it will. You will need to make adjustments along the way.


Whether you realize it or not, Plan A turns into a Plan B – and a Plan C. But only if you’re wise enough to understand the reality of this process – and go with it.

Going with it, however, means you must open your eyes, ears, and mouth. You must be willing to see, hear, feel and speak in order to hit your target.

Choosing to be blind, deaf, dumb and numb is not going to work. Nor is feeling that all is hopeless – or that there is no other way.

If you want to succeed at a level above and beyond where you are today, it’s essential that you learn all you can about how to mix your memory and your imagination together in such a way that you create a brighter future for yourself.

Remember your mistakes so you don’t repeat them. Remember your successes so you can create more of them. And let your imagination soar into the future as if you’re already there right NOW.

Create a Plan A – but make allowances for the plan to change.

Spend time each day in the Theatre of Your Mind – playing out the way you will respond to your successes – as well as to any emergency landings you may have to make along the way.

How to do this?

There’s no better way to learn than the world famous Zero Resistance Leaving Program – now available for half-off the standard fee.

Order NOW – and be sure to type ’2009′ into the coupon on the order form to make sure you receive your discount.

Matt Furey

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