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May 21st, 2009

Nuking Negative Energy

Yesterday, when I was flying to Manhattan, a man used the restroom. No big deal, except that on the way back to his seat he forgot to close the door. And I was in the front row.

As the door swung back and forth with the turbulence, I got a whiff of what he was cooking.

Not pleasant.

It brought all sorts of ideas about germs, disease and swine flu to mind.

I kicked the door from my seat in an attempt to close it. The flight attendant immediately saw this and rushed to my aid. Thank goodness.

This morning I got up and looked at the socialist newspaper published here in New York.

On the front page alone I read about Iran firing a test missile, California being the proof that democracy somehow doesn’t work – and Irish boys who were molested over a 60-year period by priests.

What to do in the face of all this negativity?

Ignore it or do something about it?

The answer: Both.

You focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want – and then you take immediate action to get what you do want.

An open door to a restroom on a plane is not good. So you picture it closed and do something to close it.

The same goes with any area of your life. You close your mind to the images and pictures of negativity – you do what is necessary to stop the damage – and while doing so you open your mind to images of what you do want.

Close one door – open another.

That’s how you begin to nuke negative energy. You get clear on what you want, then you go after it. You get clear on what you don’t want – and you make sure it doesn’t happen.

This formula works in good times as well as bad. It works when you want to be in a new career – and it works when you want to earn more money.

When your mind is open to possibilities, you have freedom to move – to find a way to win.

Sadly, your chances of finding a way to win probably won’t be published in a daily newspaper. They probably won’t be on the nightly schnews.

So where do you find ways to succeed then.

How about in my best-seller, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

That’s right. This book and CD program will open your mind to an infinite number of paths you can take. And none of them are negative.

Grab your copy now.


Matt Furey

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