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February 13th, 2008

My Wife Doesn’t Believe It

Last night I received the following email from a reader in India. It’s got SUCCESS written all over it. Read and see why:

Dear Matthew,
I too would like to tell you my experience with my eight-year old son, Mehul, in far away India.

In India we have a ranking system in school. Mehul stood eighth rank in the first term exams. During that time i was reading Psycho-Cybernetics and I trusted that this book will surely make him leap to the first rank. So from the very next day i asked him to meditate for only 10 minutes.

He was to visualize that the principal of the school called out his name for the first rank and he was going ahead to pick the trophy. i asked him visualize in vivid details everything – the smile on his friends face, the standing ovation he got etc.

He too believed in this idea and never missed a single day of visualization. You won’t believe it the class teacher called and informed us just before the third term was to start that Mehul has stood first in his class.

I would like to add that he still continues his visualization without missing even a single day and his performance in all the spheres has been top class. He was a timid introverted boy and now people don’t believe whether he is the same guy.

He is developing into a talented dancer when before he was not able to stand in front of an audience.

i don’t understand when it is so easy to make a eight year old boy understand the power of visualization, the grown ups are so skeptical and doubtful when I suggest this technique. I feel they fear success more then anything else.

My wife has seen this transformation but when i suggest it to her turn to try this great method she does not seem enthusiastic. It will be many more times more effective for her but i am not able to convince her.

Matthew will you be able to help her?


MJF: Manoj, first off, I commend you for the positive influence you are having on your son. Now that he is in the top rank it is important to continually emphasize to him that the journey is, in truth, more important than the rank. If he continually puts forth his best effort, and does not need to be motivated by external awards, if he is inspired rather than motivated, I think you and he will both be all the better for it.

As for your wife, it is not your job to make sure she believes everything you believe or that your son believes. Continue to love her and support her even if she never opens to these teachings. YOU and you alone are under your control. Your son took to visualization because he wanted to. You’ve been the guide – yet he could have refused to be open, too, if he wanted.

If you always remember to ask yourself, when frustrated, what is and what isn’t under your control; what is and what isn’t your business – I believe you’ll enjoy even more moments of inner peace and happiness than you now experience.

Best to you and your family. And thank you for writing to let me know how everything is going with your son.

Matthew Furey

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