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April 12th, 2010

My Opinion of Tiger’s Return

Tiger Woods returned to the game of golf this past weekend – and people who don’t normally watch the game tuned in to see him in action.

After more than four months of exile, ridicule and embarrassment, Woods put all that to the side and concentrated on hitting little balls into dark holes.

Now, I realize there are many who don’t like Tiger because of what he did off the golf course. In the eyes of many, he went from revered to repugnant almost overnight. Some who had nothing to do with anything the Tiger did – will never forgive him or let their mental image of him change, grow or go.

But this is also true for many on a personal level. Many people are unwilling to let the mental images they have of themselves change, grow or go. They cling to memories of the past – previous mistakes, previous bad experiences, previous failures.

They relive and regurgitate them on a daily basis – acting as their own cable news network. 24 hours a day of non-stop bad coverage about one self.

Even worse, though, the bad news has been playing for years – and in many, many cases – decades.

If you believe you can’t draw, sing, dance, play sports, write, speak, sell, market, communicate, concentrate and so on – these are mental images you have of yourself – and you condemn yourself, oftentimes, with insufficient evidence.

If one person told you that you couldn’t do something, did you replay this message over and over – or did you use it to prove him wrong?

Big difference.

And so, I believe instead of condoning or condemning the Tiger, we ought to pay more attention to the images we have of ourselves – and the results they are bringing in our lives. As we allow ourselves the space to change – the same goes for Tiger.

Instead of judging whether he’s sincere or not, leave him alone and focus on your self.

This is something I began learning to do as a young man growing up in a small midwestern town. and I’ve covered this in great detail in The Unbeatable Man – a book that will give you tremendous insight into your own life and help you make the changes you want to make, regardless of the odds, regardless of how many people are pulling against you.

When you’re reading The Unbeatable Man you’ll see how you, too, can make courageous and confident changes in how you live your life.

Regardless of past failures, mistakes or setbacks,  you’ll find a way to rise up and harness the unbeatable spirit that lies within you.

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Matt Furey

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