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January 30th, 2008

Land of Milk and Buzzing

Yesterday’s “Whew” email got quite a reaction. Many coaches, teachers and managers wrote to say how valuable the tip was and how they forwarded it to many friends and colleagues.

For this, I thank you.

Today I’d like to talk about visualization a bit – but mostly about how you will FEEL (as well as look) when you’re doing it the Psycho-Cyb way.

Quite often, those who leave my seminars and coaching days write to tell me they’re still “BUZZING.”

And this is the right word.

When you visualize the right way, it’s like you’ve entered the Promised Land – the Land of Milk and Honey. Only difference is when you drink cosmic milk and honey – you don’t just feel more energized – you BUZZ with energy.

You vibrate at a whole new level.

This BUZZ can be detected by others, even if you’re sitting by yourself, calmly reading a book – eating a meal or having a conversation.

It can be felt by others when you enter a room. Tis why people respond to you differently when you’re regularly Psycho-Cyb’ing yourself – or getting Psycho-
Cyb’d by me.

When you’ve been Psycho-Cyb’d – your face takes on a whole new look. Pain and frustration are replaced with a Cheshire cat grin. The cat has been let out of the bag – and unconditional happiness abounds.

You realize you can be happy anytime. Not just when you achieve a goal – but on the path to the goal.

As you progress into more advanced studies in Psycho-Cyb, you will discover that others begin to BUZZ when they listen to you talk, when they read your written words – or when they simply hang around you.

I was first made aware of this in 1988, a year after picking up, reading and LIVING the principles I teach today.

I was in Ashland, Oregon, working a wrestling camp. Upon being introduced to another coach, we shook hands. He then turned to the man and introduced us and said, “Wow, what’s going on with this guy. He’s got some energy, eh.”

I had no idea what the man experienced – no idea what he was even talking about. But I do today.

He was not referring to the strength of my grip – as I never shake hands with a finger-breaking grip. In fact, my handshake is surprisingly soft.

What he was referring to was the BUZZ coming from inside. The electricity inside the handshake. An electricity that makes people feel welcome when they meet you.

You can develop this same sort of electrical buzz and magnetism, too, when you study what I am teaching.

Matthew Furey

P.S. If you have some friends who can benefit from these messages – be sure to forward along with your encouragement to enroll to subscribe to these tips.

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