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June 11th, 2009

How Do You Know?

So this morning I walk into my favorite coffee bar on Hainan Island that has a great Wi-Fi connection.

The waitress begins to escort me to a private room, walking ahead of me with a menu and remote control for the air conditioner. I’ve known her for a few years – and our conversation has always been nothing more than me ordering food and beverage.

Today, though, as she’s walking ahead of me I notice something different about her energy field. Without giving much thought about what I’m about to say, I blurt out, “Suoyi, ni jiehun le ma.” Translation: So, you got married.

She smiles and immediately replies: “Jie le.” I got married.

I smile. Then she asks: “How did you know?”

“Don’t know,” I reply.

It’s funny when this happens. And I absolutely believe the more time you spend doing exercises like Theatre of the Mind, the more often this sort of thing happens.

Like yesterday, I’m getting massaged by a lady I haven’t had work on me for a couple years. Despite only being 100 pounds, she can tear me limb from limb and toss into the air and slam me back down while laughing the entire time.

Well, yesterday she’s working on my shoulder. I’m lying there with my eyes closed, totally lost in “no thought.” Then all of sudden I open my eyes and say, “Suoyi, ni you yi ge xiaohai ma?” So, you have a young child.

She smiles and says, “Shi de, yi ge nuer. Ta yi sui.” Yes, a young girl. She’s one year old.

“Congratulations,” I said.

“Thank you. How did you know?”

“Don’t know.”

If by chance you’re impressed by these accounts, don’t be impressed. Instead, be inspired.

Why? Because you can do the same. Anyone can.

All you have to do is change the way you breathe, improve the way you navigate and move through life and be willing to practice the sort of visualizations I teach on a regular basis. If you’ll do this, then a whole new universe will open up to you.

Naturally, you may be more interested in how this sort of skill works in the business whirled (yes, I spelled dhat wrogn on poirpoise).

Well, it most certainly does. Figuring out a way to put more change in your wallet or purse is not difficult. In fact, I can teach you over a hundred ways in less than a half-hour.

Once you know the ways, then all you have to do is practice for a spell each day. And as you practice you begin to pick up on vibrations of thought that lead you to the objective you have in mind.

What’s more – others pick up on your vibration – so don’t be surprised in the least if someone seems to be following you from behind with an opportunity that’ll resonate with you.

It happens all the time, everyday. It’s simply a matter of whether or not your energy field is open or closed.

If you’re open, you can expect surprises on a regular basis. You can expect to follow crazy hunches and be right. You can expect to act in ways you don’t understand and they’ll be correct. You can expect to blurt things out of your mouth, without thinking, then be elated with what you just heard.

Oh, YES.

Make sure you are reading and listening to 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

With a copy of the book on your night stand (or beside the toilet) you are assured of constant reinforcement of what works.

And with the CDs playing in your car as you drive around town, aaaah, the ideas will be popping into your noggin at the speed of light.



Matt Furey

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