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April 30th, 2009

Give up resistance to living resistance free

Imagine this: When I speak about giving up resistance and struggle – some people resist the idea. They add more resistance to their lives, not less. They struggle even harder than before.

Strange, but true.

I’m going to talk about this at length tonight on my 17 Seconds to Success coaching call – but I wanted to cover something about the topic now – because it is an intriguing thing to do to yourself.

If you tell some people to relax – they get tense. If you tell them to take a deep breath – they hold onto the one they have.

If you tell them to save money – they spend.

If you tell them to spend money – they save.

If you tell them to give up junk food – they eat more of it.

If you tell them to calm down – they get angry.

And when it comes to setting and achieving a goal – even a simple one, like cleaning your bedroom, they won’t do it. After all, if you clean your room – it’ll just get dirty again, so why bother.

If you have a pattern like the above, and you recognize it, congratulations.

Why congratulations?

Because the first step to change is being conscious of where you are. It is NOT having a goal, setting a goal or creating an action plan. First you need to open your eyes and see what you’re doing to yourself. And once you do, a lot of the silly things you think and do will stop – even if you’re not consciously trying to stop them.

So never despair. No matter how low you think your thoughts and feelings are – if you become aware of them – even for the first time – you’re already starting to give up resistance.

You’re already on the path to being resistance free by recognizing what your resistance patterns are. And once you recognize them, you can eliminate them.

Not only that, but you wouldn’t be observing them unless you were already on your way to a new you.

And that’s the truth….

Matt Furey

P.S. I’ve been working on a couple new products that will rake the scattered thoughts in your mind and toss them into the fire, never to be heard from again. Stay tuned.

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