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July 24th, 2009

Do You Need To “See” Your Goal Clearly?

Several people wrote yesterday with the same concern. Let’s take a look at the email below and my response to it.:

Hello Matt,
I have a question about visualization, I have studied self improvement via mind power for several years and several different methods of creative visualization, however my particular problem is while I can think about what I desire and use voice methods to back it up I have always had a problem actually visualizing what I want or I  should say seeing it, while my wife has no problem seeing her desires via visualization and actually I have never really met nyone with the problem I am experiencing. The “Theater in my mind” doesn’t seem to work for me. I can use my imagination to think about my desires and put myself into them but cannot ‘see’ them. Do you have any suggestions for someone like myself?
Thank you,
Leo House

M.F.: Leo, the only “problem” you have, if you choose to call it that, is thinking that you have a “problem.” You don’t. And I’m so glad you asked this question as there are many people who have this experience. Everyone has a different way of processing their world. Some visualize in black and white. Some in color. Some don’t see pictures at all. Some see hazy images. Some feel the “image” but don’t see it. Some see it but don’t feel it.

The key thing to remember is this: In your mind’s eye, go back to a time in which you had a success experience that means more to you than anything else. Relive that experience. Get back into it as if it is happening right now. What sounds do you hear? What feelings do you experience? And if you were to see an image, what would it be?

Now ‘lock’ onto this experience and flip the switch. Go into the future bringing with you the same sounds, feelings and emotions that you had in the past.

Leo, some people can sing better than me. In fact, most people on earth can sing better than me. This doesn’t trouble me at all as there are things I do better than others. I’m sure, if you think about t, you’ll discover that you’ve been given a gift when it comes to ‘visualization’ and imagination that most people don’t have. If they could only ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ what you do. Oh boy.

Have a great day!


Matt Furey

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