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January 7th, 2008

Da Vinci and Disney did it

One of my MasterMind members, Kevin Thompson, swears that there is one thing he began doing – and it turned the corner for him.

Prior to doing this Kevin frequently set goals – yet still struggled to reach them. Then one day he decided to put up pictures of what he wanted.

He put up a picture of a HUMMER – sort of like mine. And got one. He put up a picture of a luxurious home. And got that, too.

“Well, that’s easy to explain – afterall, all you have to do is go to a dealership and buy one, right.”

Yes, you are right – AFTER you eliminate the fear or doubt that you’ve let stand in your way of having what you want.

But there’s one more thing you’re missing. When Kevin put the photo for the HUMMER up he didn’t have the funds to get one and he didn’t qualify for a major loan.

As for the house, he most definitely didn’t have the bux set aside for it. Not only that, but on the day he moved into the very house he pinned a picture of on the wall – he didn’t even realize it. It wasn’t until his son showed him the photo of the family’s NEW house that he realized – “Oh my God.”

At this point tears flowed.

Not an uncommon occurrence, even for big, tough men.

This same story was told to me last September by Ron Ipach – after I spoke at his seminar in San Antonio, Texas.

Those who have watched the movie The Secret – heard John Assaraf tell the same sort of story.

Years ago Leonardo da Vinci hung pictures up to help him with his creations. Last time I checked he was no slouch in the creative world.

Yet, perhaps you didn’t know that Walt Disney modeled the same idea.

My friend, training your mind to think in pictures is perhaps the most important goal getting skill you can learn. I am very particular about anything that goes on the walls in my home or office. Nothing is put up without me taking the time to think about the psychological, spiritual … even the metaphysical effect it can have on my life.

All this spells out the reason why I had a Wheel of Fortune poster made last fall. I wanted to create a poster that I could give to people who want to put this magnetic success secret into practice … and NOW.

I’m prepared to give you a Wheel of Fortune poster, too – but they’re only being made available to members of the Psycho-Cybernetics Success Group. Maybe I’m asking too much of you to be a member – but based on the response I’ve gotten so far, I don’t think so.

Besides, as a member, each month you’ll receive a new breakthrough visualization CD, a Success Scroll and Success Reminder Card – as well as a riveting newsletter that plants the power of thinking in mental pictures deep into your mind.

Give the program a shot for a month and I’ll send you the Wheel of Fortune poster gratis – along with a Zero Resistance to Success Certificate – suitable for framing – signed by yours truly.

Go enroll NOW.


Matthew Furey
Zen Master of the Internet

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