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February 10th, 2010

10,000 Hours of Practice

If you haven’t read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, I recommend you pick up a copy.


Because inside it you may discover something that you’re not being told by all the Law of Attraction advocates.

And do want to know what that something is?

In The Unbeatable Man I call it The Law of Practice.

It’s a law that I have previously written, “supersedes the Law of Attraction.”

This means, if you want to get really good at something, even attracting things to yourself with your own mind, you might as well make a chart with 10,000 squares on it and tack it on your wall where you’ll see it everyday.

And each time you’ve put in an hour of practice in this specific area, you fill in a square.

The other night, when queried about this 10,000 hours of practice LAW with a friend, I began to count the time I’ve put into various areas of my life in which I am thought of as “successful.”

In five different areas in which I am ahead of the pack, I have put in at least 10,000 hours. And so it is no coincidence that these five areas are strong suits for me.

Now, if the prospect of practicing 10,000 hours makes you cower enough to throw in the towel – that’s a sad thing – but the fact of the matter is that MOST people won’t even put in 1,000 hours on any one subject.

This means you can move ahead of 90% or more of the pack by putting in 1,000 hours of practice in a single area.

And if you’re willing to put in 100 hours – you’ll probably move ahead of 75% of everybody.


Because the average person never commits to practicing much of anything.

That’s very good news, eh?

I thought so, too.

Thing is, after you’ve put in 100 hours, or 1,000 – you’ll like what you’re doing so much you’ll probably feel inclined to put in another 10,000. And it’ll feel effortless to do so.

That’s called… the Law of Cosmic Habit Force.

Another great LAW to bone up on.

Take a moment to visualize what life would be like for you after you’ve put in more time, 10,000 hours, than almost anyone.

Then order a copy of The Unbeatable Man because that’s who you’ll become.


Matt Furey

P.S. 10,000 hours is also the way of Zero Resistance Living another great program you’ll want to have in your car and library.

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