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March 21st, 2008

Where Are You Now?

We’re nearly three months into the New Year. How far along are you with your health and fitness goals?

How consistent are you with your routine?

Are you hit and miss – or hit, hit, hit?

I can tell you right now, at least 95% of the people reading this are NOT on target. Most are dilly-dallying around.

Very little focus. Very little guts, determination and resolve.

Easily distracted by every whim and caprice.

No will. No imagination.

Just a bundle of frustration.

And 5% is a generous estimate.

Those who are kicking butt as well as those who really WANT to march or shoot to the next level of success in their training – all have one thing in common.

They are going to my fitness seminar this May.

They’re not satisfied with what they’ve attained thus far and they know one good kick in the ass from me will do them a lot of good. They also know that multiple kicks will do even more good.

The worst thing in a person’s life is self-delusion or fear of looking at the truth about yourself.

Thing is, as soon as you shine the light of truth on yourself – you are set loose so that you can stretch, grow, and become all you deeply desire.

Never be satisfied with yourself. Never think you’ve made it, that you’ve succeeded. That you know enough. That you know a lot. That you know it all.

Never listen to those who brag about all they’ve read, all they supposedly know or how there’s nothing new to them under the sun.

These people are fearful and weak, puffed with false pride and egotism.

Great men and women know that they never know enough – that there are secrets on top of secrets on top of secrets.

Great men and women know that anyone who thinks he knows a lot – knows nothing.

The wise man or woman is focused on WHAT he still has to learn. In spite of his wisdom and knowledge, he still possesses a fascination, wonder and inquisitive attitude toward all he sees. Those who are WISE understand the exponential value of learning just one new thing – and how one thing, when properly used, can apply massive leverage to their life.

There is no such thing as a destination called success. Success is a journey from one target to the next. Success is the feeling you experience NOW when you are on that journey.

It begins from within.

If you think you’ve failed over and over – or if you’re afraid you are going to fail some more – you are right – if you continue on the same course you’ve been traveling.

But if you jump up even one inch, you can build a new set of tracks, a new road to travel – a road that will
give you the results you want. If you take one step in the direction of what I have to offer you – the journey toward success will begin for you.

The worst thing in the world is failure to seize an opportunity to improve yourself. And, my friend, there is no greater opportunity on this planet at this time than what I have for store for you in May.

Don’t make excuses – make progress.

Don’t whine – WIN.

Don’t cry – TRY.

Don’t hesitate – ACCELERATE.

Don’t shrink – THINK.

Get yourself into motion. Move. Do something GREAT to make yourself better.

Enroll NOW by going to GetTough.com

Matt Furey

P.S. Something miraculous is going to happen to you at this event. I feel it. I know it to be true. Be there and watch it happen.

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