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February 9th, 2009

What’s Most Important?

Several months ago one of my students came up to me and asked, “Can I ask you a personal question sometime later on?”

I replied: “You can ask me NOW.”

“Okay,” he said. “What’s the most most valuable thing you know?”

I looked deep into his eyes, paused and inhaled deeply. As I inhaled my body filled with electricity. I began to smile uncontrollably and almost started laughing.

He stared back at me, wondering when I was going to answer his question.

Then, at the peak of my inhale I said, “There’s your answer.”

Huh? He looked at me a bit stunned.

“There’s your answer,” I repeated.

“What is?”



“Yes, BREATHING. If you stop breathing, you’re dead. What do I know that is more important than that?”

Was I joking? Not at all.

Breathing is how you connect to the source of all Power.

This is why I teach breathing before I teach thinking.

When you breathe deeply you add fuel to your thoughts. You also give them greater clarity.

Yet, most people seldom take a single deep breath during an entire day – and this is precisely why they feel so much stress, unease, fear, depression – and so on. All negativity is released through the exhale. Everything positive is brought to you via the inhale.

Take charge of your breathing – first and foremost. Then mix it with your mental pictures, feelings, self-talk and movement.

I’ll show you how in my Dao Zou program – now available at half-price.

This incredible program teaches you how to “Rewind Your Mind” and develop the sensitivity of a sniper who must sit for hours in total seclusion and private, waiting for that one fleeting nano-second in which you must make an instantaneous decision to go ahead.

It takes the benefits people seek through tai chi, qi gong and yoga and makes them easily and readily accessible, without years and years of training and practice.

Watch the sample clip I have up here and pay special attention to the segment when I begin to walk backward while combining it with powerful deep breathing and imagination exercise.

If you’re even remotely sensitive, you may feel something.

And if you want to have this type of feeling as well – then make sure you grab this program while it’s still being offered at half-off.

Simply type ’2009′ into the coupon code when you place your order and you’ll be ready to make a quantum leap forward in your daily

Matt Furey

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