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January 27th, 2010

Sex and the Self-Image

You probably don’t know this, but Dr. Maltz wrote a book about sex before he died. It was never published – but I may be able to raise it from the ashes and update it if there’s sufficient interest.

Truth is, very few people will argue about the link between your brain and your sexual organs. They’re tied together more than we realize. And they’re positively or negatively affected by the foods we eat, the kind of exercise we get, the amount of stress we’re under – as well as the thoughts we have about the subject.

Take exercise, for instance. Many fitness fanatics have no idea whether the training they’re doing is increasing or decreasing libido. If you take something as common as running, there’s a way to do it to ramp up sexual energy – and a way to drop it to almost nothing.

People who run long distance are generally unaware that the more you do the less you’ll probably have. Meanwhile, the quick burst sprinter is forcing his internal factory to produce hormones in a major way.

Yes, how we exercise is tied to hormone and testosterone production – both of which have a lot to do with whether you’re optimistic or depressed – a creator or a couch potato.

Wherever you see someone creating something new – or performing a skill at the highest level – you’re witnessing sex energy being harnessed and channeled into something more.

Even the buzz you get from visualization and/or meditation is a lot of sexual energy percolating in other regions of the mind/body.

A couple decades back I remember a tai chi master telling me that all creative power “comes from the loins.” I never forgot this. It’s a hard one to let go of.

In today’s world the number of people reaching for blue pills in order to have sex is staggering. Yet, with the right thinking and the right type of exercises, you can probably pass the pill bottle by and get down to business.

I’ll write more on this subject if you like it. Let me now.

In the interim, make sure you get a copy of The Unbeatable Man it’s a book that will give you the mental tools to take charge of your life in a way you never thought possible before.


Matt Furey

P.S. Hey, who you rooting for in theĀ  Super Bowl?

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