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June 22nd, 2009

Movement vs. Meditation

Gary C. Halbert, a world famous copywriter once said, “Movement is superior to meditation.”

Do you agree?

Well, today the Zen Man will analyze this statement in a way you have never heard before. So hold onto your agreeing or disagreeing mind for a moment.

I’ll begin with a quick story about one of the best movements I’ve ever put myself through.

It happened a week ago. A book I am writing neared completion. It needed an almost-final edit.

So I grabbed a seat, put both my feet on the floor, began to breathe deeply and straightened my spine. While doing
so I started to read – and edit.

When the movement ended, I looked at the clock, totally amazed at where the time went.

Nine hours – gone in a flash. No eating. No drinking. Just breathing, reading and editing – with feet on the floor. And back straight.

Upon completion I stood up and the vital energy began to move even faster than when I was engrossed in this so-
called movement.

I stretched my shoulders, back and legs and felt a swirl moving within. Then I called a few people to let them know I was done with the latest round. As I talked my body shook internally.

Aaah, what a great feeling.

Yes, to most, writing, selling, speaking, reading, exercising, making love, eating, drinking, showering and, before I forget, sh*tting… represent movement.

But they are only movement because there is no meditation going on within as you move.

To me, movement and meditation are one and the same.

Those who meditate without movement are not really meditating. And those who move without a feeling of calmness – are not really moving. At least not very well.

At the highest levels, movement and meditation are part of the same dance. While moving you can be meditating at a much deeper level than someone sitting in a lotus position. And while meditating you can be moving even more than someone leaping over high hurdles.

Consider this:

You can be moving while standing still.

You can be meditating while moving.

Both are possible, at the same time. And those who can do both simultaneously are way ahead of the pack.

Move – meditate. As one. Not either or.

The key is breathing, structure and awareness. And a willingness to train.

Matt Furey

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