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November 29th, 2010

It Even Worked on Trevor Crook

Everyone knows someone who is so incorrigibly pathetic in matters of health and fitness that you may as well save your breath. To encourage would only leave you Discouraged.

Such is what I once thought of Trevor Crook – the self-exclaimed Don Juan from Down Under.

If I were to give him a title it would be The Biggest Lusher. Yes, you read that correctly. He’s a lusher.

And it doesn’t end there because when he’s not drinking he’s eating – or mating.

Yet, perhaps I have extraordinary powers of persuasion as this lusher from down under, Mr. Crook, got off his are and began following my advice that goes into the new product I’m launching tomorrow.

And guess what happened to Mr. Crook?

He dropped inches and pounds – without adjusting his deleterious and detrimental habits one bit. He simply added one positive to his life and the rest is being put into balance.

Imagine that.

I must say I’m damn proud of Mr. Crook. If this guy can add one life-changing positive to his life, what about you?

So tune in tomorrow and get ready to seize the day – and the program being offered: The Fastest Way Humanly Possible to Burn Fat.

Even if you’re a “lusher.”


Matt Furey

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