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July 16th, 2009

Don’t Just Sit There

It’s not often discussed. Yet it’s a major key to developing your mental and spiritual strength.

Most students of success have trouble getting results because they are physically lazy. They want to just sit there and visualize. Or say positive affirmations. Or write their goals in a notebook. Or listen to peaceful music. Or do a series of chants or prayers.

All of the above are good.

But what about doing something physical.

The human being needs to blow off steam on a regular basis to feel good. Whether it’s punching a bag, going for a walk, swimming, cycling or practicing martial arts – a physical release does more than relax you physically.

It puts you back together.

It doesn’t just give you a balance of body, mind and spirit. It gives you all three – wrapped up in one – as one.

An elite martial artist doesn’t think body, mind, spirit. He may talk in these terms to make what he’s saying understandable to those who aren’t integrated. But to him, he’s talking about all three whenever he’s talking about one.

From time to time I like to shoot free throws to observe this process in action in an area where I’m no expert. I find it amazing when I sink one after another – as well as when I miss several in a row.

What’s the difference?

When I’m successful, I am fully connected to the ball and basket. When I’m not, mind, body and spirit are scattered throughout the gym.

Do something physical each day and your ability to breathe, visualize and manifest will go off the charts.


Matt Furey

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