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Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Being of Irish descent, I thought tomorrow would be the perfect day to make a major announcement that can positively effect your bank balance.

So tomorrow when you’re wearing your green and gold – look for a message from me about having more green and gold – and how I’m prepared to help you get more of it.

Look for the “Green and Gold” email tomorrow morning – and make sure you’re one of the first in line, ready to
act quickly.


Matt Furey

P.S. I’ll be holding a special teleseminar at no charge for those who are accepted in this extraordinary opportunity.

Hot Cubans

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Here in Tampa Bay there are a lot of Cubans. Nothing like Miami, but still far more than the little town in Iowa where I grew up.

And let me tell you, the Cubans know how to make a sandwich – especially a HOT one. So they can run a great business making foot long “Hot Cubans.”

Anyway a good friend of mine loves a different form of HOT when it comes to Cuban. He literally goes into heat at the sight of a Cuban booty, er, beauty.

And much of his attraction is outside of his control. Or so it seems.

Here’s why: One time the two of us were in a Cuban restaurant in NY ordering a Cuban breakfast with toasty Cuban bread. And the lady waiting on him gave him a vibe so strong I think i could have sensed it a mile away.

The vibe was so strong that before I looked up to see “Who” I was kicking him in the shins to let him know he’d already been had.

Within a nano-second of their eyes meeting a connection was forged.

Afterward he said to me, “My Gawd, if you could only bottle that type of energy and use it for something other than scrogging, just think what you’d have.”

I smiled and said, “Dude, don’t you see the obvious? I’ve been telling you how to do this for years for your business.”

He says, “Yeah, I know, but I think it’s more powerful if you’re a woman.”

I said, “You sexist moron. Men may be a bit Philistine in this matter, but if they take the time to learn, a whole new Universe opens up to them.”

That afternoon I spent time modeling what I meant. He used what I taught him and two months later had a book out. He’ll be at my seminar in early December wherein I will be pulling back the curtain and practically standing naked before you ad I show you by DOING everything I’ve previously only talked about without demonstrating.

Only two dozen spots remain for this event which may never repeat.

If you’re attracted to the idea of creating a HOT product with a sizzling website, ad and heat wave of customers then enroll NOW.


Matt Furey

P.S. This message wad written in a restaurant ony iPhone and is being sent out without editing in any way. See how I put myself into a steaming emotional state so that YOU can do what I’m currently doing.

Before Tomorrow – Watch THIS

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Go watch this amazing video Now and see what “1 Thing” The Unbeatable Man is talking about.

Matt Furey

2 Days From Now

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Within the next 48 hours I’m going to be launching my new book, THE UNBEATABLE MAN, as well as another UNBEATABLE program that has only been seen by my elite coaching members.

By the way, you can download the first three chapters of THE UNBEATABLE MAN for FREE by going to theunbeatableman.com

Be sure to pass this message on to friends, family and so on – that’s how we grow and how this unbeatable movement will take off.

During the launch there will be unbeatable incentives for the new program – and when it sells out the door will close on the offer. So don’t miss out. Be ready to move – and fast.

Also, an incredibly inspiring video that will catapult you upward and onward will go up on the site tomorrow – as well as another one on Wednesday. So make sure you’re on board at theunbeatableman.com

Matt Furey

Claim over $300 in Gifts NOW

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

17 years ago I ordered a book through the mail. It was $317. And it launched the career you’re witnessing right now. And I want to give it to you.

The book, How to Publish a Book and Sell a Million Copies, changed the course of my life forever. It took me from over $50,000 in debt to owning homes in China and the U.S. – with no mortgage payments, car payments and so on.

How’d you like to follow my foot prints – as well as the man who wrote the book?

Doing so can help you get out of debt completely as you accelerate to the next level of prosperity and happiness.

Find out how NOW. Claim your copy of How to Publish a Book and Sell a Million Copies as well as my best-seller, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

Both are FREE and sent to you immediately when you act upon the offer you’ll find here.

Matt Furey

Get Ready for Tomorrow

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Tomorrow is going to be BIG. So get ready NOW.

It’s a special day for me because it’s my daughter’s birthday. She’ll be turning 5 on May 5. That means that we’ve got three 5’s lined up once again.

The last time was when she turned one on 05/05/2005.

On that day we had a MEGA special – and for 48 hours their was an incredible stampede going on that could be heard ’round the world.’

Once again, with the triple 5’s in place, I have something cooked up for y’all. And I’ll announce the whole she-bang on video.


The special will only run for a day or two at most – and there will be bonuses available for those who are first in line.

Get ready.

Matt Furey

P.S. Tomorrow is also my birthday – and I’ll be 39 once again. Get ready.

Barefoot Success

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Today I’m going to tell you about a man who goes to work barefoot each and every day.

He heals those who are ill. He brings joy and happiness to those who are down trodden. He is filled with life, gusto and enthusiasm no matter what – and he willingly and openly gives this gift to all he encounters.

Like myself, he’s a martial artist – and a warrior.

But not a warrior in the “go to war” sense of the term.

A warrior in the URBAN sense. A warrior in the PEACEFUL sense. A warrior who can help you easily navigate through the mine fields of everyday living.

This man goes by the name Barefoot Doctor. I’ve studied his teachings for some time – and a few months ago, when he opened his online School for Warriors – I immediately enrolled.

I’ve found it to be an incredible tool – sort of an urban peace weapon that wards off and repels everything negative so that you can bring a sense of flow and happiness into your life, long before you achieve your goals.

Yes, each and every day, those of us who live in urban cities throughout the world – often feel like we’re fighting a battle in an emotional war zone.

You can go to bed feeling good and wake up feeling angry or depressed.

You can begin your day feeling great – and a few hours later, for seemingly no reason, feel bombarded with stress, anxiety and pain.

How about putting a stop to the ups and downs, the highs and lows? How about feeling great all the time, no matter what – even when times are tough?

Well, you can rid yourself of negative thoughts, energy and people – and you can do so quickly and easily. It all begins with a willingness to step barefoot, one step at a time, into a world of power and tranquility.

Would you like to experience unstoppable power in your day-to-day life?

I thought so.

That’s why I urge you to take a look at what Barefoot Doctor is offering you right NOW by going here.

Barefoot Doctor’s teachings WILL change your life. And they will do so as soon as you begin following what he teaches.

Don’t delay – see Barefoot Doctor today.

Matt Furey

P.S. Once again, go visit Barefoot Doctor’s School for Warriors NOW, while there’s still time. He closes enrollment in less than a day. And after he does, it’s too late to get in. Jump on this NOW and be glad you did forever.

Time for WHO to CHANGE?

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

An amazing fact. Lesson ONE in the world famous Zero Resistance Living program is ALL about … CHANGE.

Yet, it’s not a change you expect others to make. It’s not a change forced upon you by a government – or by politicians who do as they please regardless of the public opinion.

It’s about CHANGE that comes from within – by YOU.

It’s about CHANGE that takes place when you confront the person looking back at you in the mirror.

It’s about the CHANGE that takes place when you discover that anyone who can remember, worry or ties his shoes, can succeed.

CHANGE is a powerful word.

Think about it for a second. This one word was considered so valuable in the 2008 election, that both sides fought over how to use it.

Isn’t that amazing.

CHANGE – the words sounds and looks so simplistic.

Yet the simple words in life are the ones that get the ball rolling, get you moving and help you summon thing MORE from yourself.

If you want your world to change – then YOU are the WHO that must change.

You’ll learn how in Lesson One of the Zero Resistance Living program. And right now you can get this extraordinary life-summoner for 50% off the standard amount.

Go here and look at the promotion. When you place your order, make sure you type ‘2009’ into the coupon code.

And if you’re still not decided after reading the promo – or if you feel like you don’t have time to read – then just go watch the first couple videos I have playing and that’ll get you going.

Rise Up,

Matt Furey

My 19-Year Old Neighbor Killed

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Yesterday morning I got up and began to mentally prepare for a teleseminar with my Psycho-Cyb coaching group.

Before doing so I checked for last minute emails from the office, to see if there is anything pressing I need to cover.

While checking my inbox I saw an email from my next door neighbor, Brian. In the subject line he wrote his son’s name: Harrison Kowiak.

That’s strange, I thought. Wonder what this is.

Then I began read:

Unfortunately, Harrison passed away yesterday at age 19. The cause of death was brain tissue damage due to swelling caused by a ruptured artery. We were initially told that he suffered head trauma from a fall on frozen turf. I am having an autopsy performed to see if it was an  arteral annurism and not head trauma because I’m not sure if  a simple fall would cause so much internal brain damage.

He is an organ donor and they already placed 8 of his organs. He is in the hands of God now.


I began crying my eyes out. Oh no, not Harrison. He was the pride and joy of the neighborhood.

I called my wife. She began to sob. I called Caroll in fulfillment who knows the boy as well. She had the same immediate reaction.

Although I’m in China, I tried to call Brian but the line was busy. I sent him and email. What can I do to help.

Anything. Just tell me.

Harrison was a kid that nobody had anything bad to say. He was someone that was loved by virtually everyone. Always had a smile. Always helpful. A great student. A super athlete. And a truly genuine human being.

A few years ago he was struggling with his golf game. His parents asked me to help him with the mental aspect. I spent time with him, teaching him how to visualize success – and he immediately started to win in competition after competition.

He dropped by my house after winning a big trophy in a regional tournament. He was so proud. He wanted to thank me for the help I gave him. I told him that he is the one who gets the credit. Not me. I only give advice. Anyone can reject good advice – and most do. He didn’t.

Harrison was in his second year of college at North Carolina College. He had a bright, splendid future ahead of him. And now it’s been taken from him.

When I first read Brian’s email I felt there was much more to the story. Tonight I finally spoke to him and he requested that I let out the word that he and his wife are looking for legal counsel on this matter. Word is Harrison’s death is connected to a “hazing” – which is illegal in the state of North Carolina.

According to Brian the initial story they were told has been changed a number of times already.

I told Brian I would do whatever I could to help – and if any of you out there can offer advice on who the family should contact for legal advice, please let me know so I can pass this information along to him.

God bless Harrison.

Matt Furey

No More Business Seminars

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

The legendary Ted Williams, the last man to hit .400 in Major League baseball, smacked a home run the last time he came to the plate.

This past week, at my 4-Hour Workday Seminar – I feel I did the same thing.

For the first time, I finished a seminar feeling like I had given my all; had said everything I wanted to say – and then some. In all my events I over-deliver – yet this one had something special – and the crowd let me know with 30-minutes worth of testimonials followed by a riveting standing ovation.

It was an exhilarating feeling. I covered my eyes and sobbed when I gave my concluding remarks. In part because the entire event had such a magical flow – in part because I must have known, at an unconscious level – this one was my last.

This morning when I was doing my day-opening meditation, another shift took place in my life.

Afterward, as I drove to nourish my body with a scrumptious breakfast, I felt in my bones that I will not be doing any more seminars on business – Internet or otherwise.

I will only teach business and marketing principles to those attending my MasterMind meetings. Other than that, no more.

In the future I will be expanding my teachings on health, wealth and wisdom in related books, courses and coaching programs. But I will conduct no more business or marketing seminars of my own. I have retired from that aspect of business and am moving onto expanding other areas.

To celebrate this event, I have finally agreed to release the 4-Hour Workday Seminar on DVD/CD. Normally I never release the footage from my events. This one is different. It is one I am finally proud of.

I will let you know when you can order it. Stay tuned. It will be soon.

In the interim, make sure you pick up a copy of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. It’s already a best-seller and is headed toward a state of immortality.

Go here and order NOW.



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