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How a 4x Failure Succeeded Big Time

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Imagine your son is being scouted by several MLB teams. And on the day the scouts show up to watch him play – he strikes out four times. He fails utterly.

What do you think would come of such a thing?

Well, one scout went back to the office and said to draft this player in the 1st round.


Because he showed the same “face” when he struck out as he did when hitting a home run.

Bottom line: He handled failure professionally in a game that has a lot of it. And that doesn’t happen by accident. It requires training in the mental game.

How do you handle failure? What’s your attitude when you make a mistake?

If it isn’t a reaction that is cool, calm and collected, then you need to make a shift; you need Theatre of the Mind and you need it NOW.

Claim your copy here.


Matt Furey

P. S. By the way, the player was Chipper Jones. He’ll most likely be a first-year Hall-of-Famer, too.

The Gable Code

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

This past Saturday I received a call from my friend, Fairfax Hackley, who was with Dan Gable at the Arnold Classic.

Coach Gable was just inducted into the Arnold Classic 2014 Hall of Fame as the “Greatest Olympic Wrestler and Coach in History.”

Fairfax mentioned to Coach Gable that we were good friends. Gable immediately tested to make sure.

“Can you call him right now and get him on the phone?” he asked.

“I can call him and if he doesn’t pick up he’ll call me back,” said Fairfax.

“Will he get back to you right away?” Gable asked.

“Yes, he’ll get back to me right away.”

Fairfax makes the call.

I don’t pick up because I’m with a friend. But I sense the urgency and excuse myself from the table. I call Fairfax back. He says, “I have
someone who’d like to speak to you.”

“Okay,” I reply.

The phone is transferred to someone else. He begins talking.

“Hello Matt,” he says. “How’s everything going?”

“Going great,” I reply.

“You still a kicking butt? You still a big shot?”

Long pause.

I know who this is, I think.

“Well, I’m not the type of person who’s going to refer to himself as a big shot,” i reply.

“But you’re doing okay, right?”

“Yes, we’re doing very okay.”

“Well, I’ve been watching you. You’re not an easy person to follow. Seems like you’re all over the place. And I want you to know that I have a different way of judging my athletes these days. I no longer judge them based upon what they did when they were with me. I judge them based on what they’ve done since they left.”


“Do you know who this is yet?”

“Yes, I do?”

“Okay, who is it?”

“It’s Coach Gable.”

“Ah, very good. How’d you know?”

“I know because you’re still testing me. You were seeing if I’d take the bait and brag on myself.”

“Well, we still have some wrestlers who need to come back to earth. They’re still not there yet.”

[Coach Gable begins to name name’s and tell me, confidentially, whom he’s still watching in the hopes that he’ll get his act together.]

I listen.

We speak for a few more minutes. Coach Gable, true to the end, does not directly praise me in anyway. It’s not his style. He understands the harm it can do.

Yet, as a result of what he did say, I’m elevated once again. I want to do even better. Not for him, for myself. But knowing that my former
coach is still, in some ethereal way, pulling for me – and all his former athletes, that says a lot. Which means, he will never be a “former”
coach to me or anyone who ever was given the grace to work with him.

Yes. The “grace.”

The great novelist John Irving, once wrote that to be on the mat with Dan Gable was to be in touch with “grace.” Yes, that’s the word he

To get a phone call from him, telling you how he’s still evaluating the talent he recruited, is as well.

In my newest product, Maxwell Maltz’s Theatre of the Mind, I tell many stories about Dan Gable and the influence he had upon me. From his visit to me in the hospital when my face was shattered, to him telling me I didn’t “try very hard” to his method of burning the past to create a vacuum for the future – it’s all in there. And then some.

If you haven’t already gotten this program, I suggest you do so NOW. It will give you the ONE SECRET to success that no one else is addressing. With it, you can do virtually anything. Without it, there isn’t a single self-develpment technique in the world that will help you.

Be Still – and Flow,

Matt Furey

P.S. Still think that thinking the wrong thoughts is no big deal, that negativity doesn’t matter. Well, look at this Dan Gable quote. Imagine being 181-0, and this is your very last match in college, for the NCAA title, and this is what you admit to thinking about it:

“All I worrried about was what (Owings) was doing to me, instead of what I was doing to him. When you start worrying about that stuff, you’re going down the wrong path.”

Want to stop worrying about the negative and bring forth the positive, then make sure you get your copy of Maxwell Maltz’s Theatre of the Mind right NOW.

Blocks Removed – Flow Happens

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Here’s a testimonial from a man who thought he was already in flow, but after getting his energy field cleaned – his success has skyrocketed. My comments to follow:

“Within 30 seconds after starting to get cleared, my arm started to get hot. I started to yawn. And then BAM, I had so much energy, I couldn’t sit in my chair anymore. I had to get up and move around because I was so energized.

What unfolded in my life within 2 days after the session was astounding. A website of mine started producing 50% more income than before, yet I hadn’t done anything to it. New opportunities keep appearing before my eyes. Everyone notices me when I walk in a room.

The amazing part is, I didn’t even know I had a block. Imagine you wore sunglasses for years and you forgot how bright life could really be. This session takes off your sunglasses and makes life bright again. It just keeps getting better and better and the session was only 1 week ago from the time I’m writing this. Thank you, Matt. I feel like a kid again.”

Matt Versteeg

M.F.: This testimonial was sent to me almost two weeks ago. And the positive results Matt is raving about have magnified and multiplied. In fact, if I told you the other “coincidences” that have taken place for him you might think, “That’s just not possible.”

Oh yeah?

It most certainly is. Remove the subconscious blocks from your field and life will open up to you on a grand scale.

And the best part of this process is this: No effort on your part is required to get your field cleaned. Other than showing up to The Flow II in Clearwater, Florida, this November.

Enroll now, my friend, and you’ll be off to the races.


Matt Furey



The Dark Side of Self-Help – Part 1 – 6 Ghosts of Fear

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

You might think this email is some sort of set-up prior to Halloween, especially since the first in this series, which I’ll be covering over the next couple weeks is entitled: The 6 Ghosts of Fear.

Others I have planned cover much more on the ghoulish side of things, so you absolutely MUST tune in … unless you want that sort of thing operating in your life. And if that’s the case, you might as well stop reading now and move on as you will not benefit from anything else in the article, much less the others.

Truth is, I’m writing to you today to discuss FEAR, and how it controls, paralyzes and prevents us from doing what is most beneficial to our success and happiness.

In Napoleon Hill’s first book, “Laws of Success,” he wrote about the six basic fears of the human race, namely:

Fear of Poverty

Fear of Ill Health

Fear of Old Age

Fear of Criticism

Fear of Loss of Love

Fear of Death

In his book “Think and Grow Rich,” Hill refers to them as “ghosts” – giving them a form and context that frankly, some people are uncomfortable with. Even so, Hill must not have cared, as he deliberately used the term,

In other writings as well as lectures and seminars, Hill went even further, making mention of “invisible counselors,” his spirit guide, “Norm Hill,” who helped him find parking places when there weren’t any – as well as the positive angels and spirits whom he invoked each day for protection, healing of body and mind, and so on.

In Laws of Success, Hill wrote that all OTHER fears fit under one of the six basic “ghost” categories, then adds, “Every human being who has reached the age of understanding, is bound down, to some extent, by one or more of these six basic fears.”

These six basic fears are referred to as “EVIL” by Hill, and they must be conquered if you are going to lead a successful life.

Now, being that Hill’s books went into circulation in the 1920’s and 30’s – and are still widely read today, you’d think that these six ghosts would be conquered, but this is most certainly not the case, mostly because many people don’t read self-help books – and those who do may not believe that these six ghosts are a HUGE problem.

Going a bit further, many people may think that the word “ghost” was used flippantly by Hill. I doubt that is the case, and friends of mine who are clairvoyant would most certainly echo the same refrain.

Whether you believe in ghosts is a personal choice. Personally, I care not whether a person believes or doesn’t. But I do care about whether a person is being BLOCKED from success and happiness because of invisible (to most) forces that drag you down and prevent you from moving forward.

And this, my friend, is the “Dark Side of Self-Help.” You’re trying to make your life better. You’re trying to move up the ladder. You’re trying to be positive, to do the right thing – but you truly feel like you can’t. Deep down you can sense there is a blockage, but you don’t see it, and if you did, you wouldn’t have a clue as to how to get rid of it.

This blockage represents why other people can visualize, affirm and get what they want – sometimes almost instantly – while all you get from your attempts are more misery.

There are those who practice Theatre of the Mind and seemingly miraculous things happen. Then there are others who want to picture a goal, but all they see is darkness. Or when they’re picturing what they want, “interference” enters the image and disturbs them.

Then there are others who know how much Theatre of the Mind helps them – when they do it – but that’s the problem (or is it?), I can’t get myself to do what I know is beneficial.

Here’s what I can tell you now, and I’ll be brief: All thoughts that are emotionalized do not stay put. They travel. Positive thoughts that are mixed with positive emotion go out into the Universe and begin bringing what you want toward you as you move toward it.

Likewise, positive thoughts that are mixed with non-positive emotions like FEAR, go out into the Universe and bring more of what you fear. This is why Napoleon Hill said to NEVER pray for something while in the mental state of fear. Hmmm.

Okay, here’s something else to consider, that I’ll cover in detail at THE FLOW II in November: the fears you experience go into your energy field and hang out. And they stay there, blocking you from moving forward.

Not only that, if you accepted other peoples’ fears as fact, you’ve got their junk in your field, too. And because their emotionalized fears are now in your field, you think their thoughts are yours.


This is why one of the single most important parts of self-help should be “cleaning your field” of negative energies. But how do you do that? Moreover, how do you keep it clean once it’s been purged of all the junk?

Again, this is something you can count on learning at THE FLOW II, this November in Clearwater, Florida.

In order to get you FLOWING, the energetic “ghosts” have to be cleared from your field. Once this is done, you’re now in position to use visualization and other mind-body tools better than ever before. And they’ll work so fast for you that you’ll be stunned.

So you have a choice, remove the ghosts of fear, and the other ghoulish things I’ll be writing to you about in the coming weeks – and get into FLOW – or stay stuck and forever bewildered as to why.


Matt Furey

The Flow II is LIVE

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Just opened up the page so you can enroll in the best seminar EVER – The Flow II – being held in Clearwater, Florida, in November.

As a special bonus, all who enroll NOW will receive gratis, the 10 CD package from The Flow I – held two years ago.

The CD package alone is worth the same amount I’m charging for The Flow II – so you’re going to double your benefits by enrolling NOW.

Go see and feel for yourself.


Matt Furey

When Flow Happens

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

A quick “heads up” about The Flow II. It’ll be held November 22-23, in Clearwater, Florida.

And it’s going to kick-butt above and beyond anything and everything you’ve ever done for yourself.

You’re going to be saying to yourself what my clients who’ve experienced this with me have said: “Best thing I ever did for myself.”

Information on The Flow II will be sent out later tonight. And if you’re one of the first 50 to enroll, you’ll receive a copy of the The Flow CDs from the first event for zero cost.

Get ready. Be ready. Let go and FLOW.


Matt Furey

Your Brain on Steroids

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Almost everyday we hear from the “latest scandal in professional sports.” A-Rod used drugs; so did Ryan Braun; so did yada-yada.

Meanwhile, men and women whose brains appear to be operating above and beyond the norm – are succeeding without fanfare – and they’re doing it in every professional and amateur arena.

No one would ever accuse these men and women of being on steroids because “physically” they aren’t what you’d call imposing figures.

But when it comes to what these people do to “fire up” their brains – the results are so astonishing that it’s “as if” they’re on steroids. Yet, they most certainly are not.

Let me give you an example: Ryan, an 18-year old man needed to improve his SAT scores by at least 140 points to be awarded a college scholarship. He learned to “fire up” his brain and nervous system with an esoteric technique called Theatre of the Mind – and three weeks later, with no additional studying, he shattered his previous SAT score, earning a $9,000.00 per year scholarship.

I must point out that Ryan had tried to bump up his score on a previous “re-do” – but failed. This was AFTER six months of tutoring and several thousand dollars.

Then there’s Michael, a recreational league golfer who was so frustrated at his performance that he was ready to quit the game. But after being taught the high-powered Theatre of the Mind  technique, he went out and shot his best game of the year. Once again, he did this without additional practice. All he did was learn how to put his brain and nervous system “on steroids.”

As the teacher of this technique, which used to be a closely guarded secret. I’ve seen Theatre of the Mind work magic and miracles in lives all over the world.

Students who were getting failing grades shaped up and started to get all A’s and B’s.

Athletes who struggled suddenly became “overnight” stars.

Entrepreneurs and salespeople dramatically improved their businesses.

People who were afraid of their own shadows became confident in the art of public speaking.

Results galore were raved about in the 35 million copy best-seller, Psycho-Cybernetics, written by the late Maxwell Maltz, M.D. – a cosmetic surgeon and author who taught that most people go about making changes on the “outside” when the real issue is one’s “self-image” – the mental blueprint that influences your every act.

Once you change the mental blueprint, your results change – and do so in dramatic fashion. Your inner world controls your outer world.

Now, with Theatre of the Mind brought to life in living color, for the first time ever people can learn this jaw-dropping technique in the privacy of their own home or office.

Virtually anything you want to achieve with Theatre of the Mind is possible, including weight loss, memory improvement, better grades, better relationships as well as the elimination of addictions.

Be sure to claim your copy of this DVD NOW – and put your life on a path to success that most people only dream about.


Matt Furey

My 50th Cinco de Mateo

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Well, I done turned fiftee today. And my daughter Faith turned nine. Yep, we share the same birthday.

Got up early and ate some cake. Now we’re heading out for more victuals.

Before we do so here’s a quick reminder about my Energy Seminar coming up in a few weeks. After Friday’s announcement we’re already half-full (catch the optimism), with people flying in from 14 different states and a couple foreign countries.

Today you can help me celebrate my birthday (and my daughter’s) by enrolling NOW.  By doing so you’ll save substantially as the fee is going up a hundred bucks per day until we’re sold out.

Happy Cinco de Mateo (Mayo) to you. Live it up in grand schtyle by agreeing to raise your energy to the level where all things are possible.

Matt Furey

P.S. The first 30 minutes of my seminar will be worth the fee for the entire event.  Come and find out why.

Dynamic Energy and Power Seminar

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

You asked for it – and it’s coming to you very soon.

The date for my next event – The Dynamic Energy and Power Seminar – is May 29-30, in Tampa, Florida.

Many “Furey Fans” have already verbally agreed they’d be attending, so when the webpage goes up for this seminar, you’d better be ready to enroll immediately.

In order to maximize results, this will NOT be a BIG seminar, in terms of attendance. But it will be HUGE in terms of what it will do for YOU for the rest of your life.

I believe we’re limiting enrollment to around 50 people, so consider this email a “brain’s up” for those who really want to attend.

So you know, I’ll be covering a LOT of information, much of which has been “hidden” or withheld from you on the subject of energy and power.

You’ll learn what to do to increase your energy and get the results you want in life, faster than you previously believed possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for major improvements in terms of bodily fitness or business success – your results have everything to do with how much energy you have. how it is used and how it “flows.”

In this seminar I will help you discover the power that lies within you and how you can tap into it, on command, for anything you
so desire.

You’ll also be getting “tipped off” about ways your energy, focus, direction and so on are derailed and depleted.

In short, you’ll find out what to do as well as what pitfalls to avoid.

Most importantly. you’ll be given simple, action-based strategies and procedures that will accelerate your results to a speed that will astound you – all while being in a state of harmonious flow.

So be on the lookout for the announcement about this seminar in the next couple days. It WILL fill up almost instantly, so consider this email fair warning to be ready to move – and fast.


Matt Furey

P.S. So you know, I’ve used many of these strategies successfully with everyone from professional athletes, to young men and women who want to go to the next level academically. I’ve used them with executives, salespeople, writers, doctors and so on. All of us were given brains. Once we know how to activate our brains and rid ourselves of the clutter and baggage, our growth and development takes off like a rocket. What’s more, we enjoy the process, the journey toward our destination.

When Good Things Go Bad

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Everything is in flow. Everything is rolling like a river.

You’re ON.

You’re focused like a laser.

Nothing and no one can distract you.

You’re doing what you do with such ease you hope it will never end.

But it does.

You go into a slump. Uggh.

Instead of the “man” with all the answers, you may feel you’ve become what my friend, Scott Hemond, calls the “Instant Idiot.”

When someone is in “Instant Idiot” mode, it’s as if he has no clue what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and so on. The person who was totally “in flow” is now clueless. And worst of all, he has absolutely NO IDEA how to get out of it.

Athletes go into slumps.

So do salespeople, marketers, writers (they call them blocks), entrepreneurs, professional speakers, and so on.

Being in a slump is something you can easily get out of if you know what you did to put yourself into FLOW.

But that’s where we separate the temporary slumpers from the Instant Idiots.

Those in a temporary “lull” can refer to a journal or to their notes, and pin point exactly what they were doing and thinking when they were at their best. They can go back into their mental movie theatre, relive their best moments and come out recharged and ready to go.


The Instant Idiot does something entirely different. He goes around and talks to anyone and everyone about his slump, and/or takes advice from people who have no idea what they’re talking about. If someone selling lemonade offers advice, he’ll take the advice and try it on.

Why does he do this? Because he cannot remember how he got into flow. There’s no journal. No notes. No written record.

He assumed he’d “just remember” what he was doing because it all seemed so easy.

When you’re under stress, or in a slump, it’s not so easy to remember what you were doing. You’re in the fog. And when you’re traveling through fog, you’re concerned about your next step. You find it impossible to reflect upon the BEST steps you ever took in your whole life.

Those who have journals or notes can quickly find what they were doing when they were at their best, and once they do, they can be back in flow fairly fast.

Now, if you never kept a journal, if you never took notes, there are two other ways out.

The first way out of the slump is via a LIVE meeting with someone like ME, who will help you find your personal map to where you were when you were at your best – and how to get yourself back there. If a LIVE meeting is something that interests you, email me for details.

The second way out of the slump is to use Theatre of the Mind in the privacy of your own home or office.

You relax your body, quiet your mind and go back into your memory banks to retrieve the mental movie of yourself at your BEST.

Once you find it, you begin to replay this movie each and every day. By doing this, you change direction without even trying to do so.

Your mind has a reticular activating device, a homing device, if you will. You are a goal seeking magnet. And once you begin to relive your best moments, your mind goes on auto-pilot, seeking out more experiences that are LIKE those you used to have.

If you focus on the old negative “slump” movies, you get more of them. If you focus on the old positive “flow” movies, you can do more than tread water. You can swim – and swim fast – with effortless ease.

Discover how powerful Theatre of the Mind is in your life with your enrollment in the Zero Resistance Living System. We’ll send you the system – and once you start listening to the program – and following the lessons, your life will get into flow once again.

At the present, you can obtain this best-selling program for 75% off the standard price.

Plus, I’m throwing in 7 great goodies to make the course even more powerful than it already is. Jump on this one NOW, my friend.


Matt Furey

P.S. A lot of inquiries about my forthcoming seminar. Although I was going to have it in early May, I’ve decided on another date, which I’ll be making known very soon.

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