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February 25th, 2008

You, An Idea Machine

Every once in awhile someone asks me how I come up with so many ideas to write about.

The answer is simple: I take time to ask myself specific questions – then I let my subconscious mind fork over the answers.

And once I get the answers, I don’t second-guess myself for a month or two about whether the idea is good; I will only know for sure if I DO something. So the faster I begin DOING, the better off I’ll be.

In addition to asking good questions, I take time to read good books and newsletters. I subscribe to a boatload of newsletter and audio programs. I eat breakfast with the written word – and when I’m driving I listen to CDs that educate, enlighten and cause breakthrough after breakthrough in my thinking – followed by my reality.

Most importantly, I take time to breathe deeply, to exercise and to visualize. This alone frees my mind and gives me greater capacity to create what I want.

Regardless of whatever success I have achieved thus far in life, I don’t think I’m unusual in any way. I believe everyone has an idea creation machine working for him night and day. The differerence between mine and others is that I don’t spit and stomp on the ideas my brain kicks out.

I have great respect for my ideas – even those I change. Even those I reject for a better idea.

I understand the idea machine works best when you don’t condemn it. Let the ideas flow and choose the ones you like best. And once you find something that gets you excited, start doing whatever it takes to bring the idea into reality.

If you don’t, it’s almost guaranteed someone else will. And you’ll be the one standing around saying, “Hey, I had the same idea a few years ago.”

Yes, you did. But ideas that are not acted upon don’t belong to you. They belong to the Universe.

Have ideas you want to nurture. Or do you want to become an idea machine. Someone who acts upon what he wants and gets the job done.

Then the very best idea I can give you today is this: Become a member of my Super Human Success Group. Give it a trial run and I’ll send you a copy of the Trump Card and some other life-changing gifts.

Go to here and enroll now.

You’ll never regret doing so. You’ll only regret not doing so sooner.

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