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January 14th, 2008

Wheel of Fortune Posters Don’t Work

This past weekend I was in Manhattan with the members of my Billionaire Brain Group.

Friday night we went to see Young Frankenstein – and watching it set the tone for transformations to take place on Saturday.

BIG IDEAS flowed through the meeting room like honey coming from a hive. And provided every member follows through with what he learned – the returns will be massive.

One of the biggest breakthroughs for the group was discovering the unconscious signals they send non-verbally when they talk, write, walk, listen and so on.

So many people rely on words or feelings alone to make sense of their world. But this is like going to a motion picture with the curtain closed.

Last week I wrote about getting a Wheel of Fortune poster for free – by subscribing to the Psycho-Cybernetics Success Group, which you can still do.

One person wrote me to say, “Come on. Some people are visual. Some are auditory and some are tactile or feeling oriented. A poster for an auditory is a waste of time. He’s better off with an audio of affirmations. Someone who is feeling-oriented won’t even see the poster, etc.”

My response: Then we might as well do away with movies and televisions for these people, too. As well as magazines, books and websites.

Fact is that your mind responds to ALL and can be trained in ALL.

Yes, you may be predisposed to hearing and feeling first, instead of picturing – but when you add the picturing – or if you have visual reminders of what you want in life – this can only help you. It cannot in any way hurt you or interfere with your preferred sense.

Truth is that having visual reminders, like the Wheel of Fortune poster will help you A LOT – even if you don’t think it will make any difference.

Now, a little about me:

For years I thought I was NOT a visual person. Due to my martial arts and wrestling background – my sense of feel is off the charts. And when I write I hear the words I want to record inside my own head.

Yet, the biggest breakthroughs, for myself and for those I have coached, came when I ramped up the visual sense and brought it to life.

In my Psycho-Cybernetics Success Group I have taken people who had been told they weren’t visual; or who thought they couldn’t think in pictures – and I proved to each and every one that he could very easily add the visual element to his arsenal.

As a result: 100% of the people in my classes learn to visualize and they’re able to do so, with ease, in less than 10 minutes. Long-time students of the mind were stunned. One NLP Master even said this was the first time I had ever been in a seminar in which “everyone” learned to visualize.

When a person learns to think in pictures for the first time – or to do it in an empowering way – his or her life changes dramatically. A whole new world is opened to them that they didn’t know existed.

As for feelings …

I had a lady who said she couldn’t FEEL when she visualized. Within 90 seconds of telling me this I took her to a place that caused tears to flow like Niagara Falls.

As for auditory …

People have said I can write “stream of consciousness” because I’m auditory and hear the words in my head before I write them.

Yet, last May I took a roomful of 58 people who didn’t think they heard the words inside their heads and brought this sense to life. As a result each and every one of the 58 who stayed (I threw two out early) learned how to write email copy – with ease.

Saying “I’m this one” – then blocking out other methods of learning is not the most intelligent way to approach learning something. Get ALL your senses involved.

Never think for one second that you cannot think in pictures – or that you’re not visual – or that you’re primarily this one or the other one. Work on developing all to the FULL and your life will become super charged.

Posters help. Audio CD’s help. So do DVDs – movies, books and so on.

And so does getting out of your chair and moving your body.

Staying focused on your goals is mostly about remembering them. The more ways you have to call attention to your goals – the better.

All for now.

Matthew Furey
Zen Master of the Internet

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