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March 6th, 2008

Super Human Success

Something happened in January that shocked me in a big way.

At the very end of the Psycho-Cyb coaching group, each person in the room had to stand and read a goal he or she would have completed by the next live meeting in May.

Included in the statement were the words: “by the next Psycho-Cybernetics meeting … ”

Well, guess what. Two-thirds of the room could not say “Psycho-Cybernetics” without stammering or stuttering.

It was so bad it was comical. As you can imagine, I immediately began to look for the good in all these mistakes, and the next day it came to me.

First, what I am teaching, in the coaching group as well as in my monthly newsletter and visualization program – is super-charged, super human material. It takes what Dr. Maltz taught in Psycho-Cybernetics and makes it so brain-dead simple you’d have to be in a coma to not benefit from it.

Second, while continuing to stick to the basics that Dr. Maltz taught, I have discovered a significant amount of material, that to my knowledge, has never been covered by anyone before. And I’ve made this material part of what is being taught.

Third, when two-thirds of a group of very highly educated men and women, many of whom are therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, have trouble pronouncing a term – then maybe there is a much better way to communicate the value of what is being taught.

That’s when I came up with “Super Human Success.”

I immediately changed the name of the monthly program to reflect this term, and am doing likewise with the coaching program. And so, when you psycho-cyb.com you’ll see this change is already in the works.

BTW, I’m looking at conducting a series of interviews with successful people in a variety of industries: sports, martial arts, business, selling, marketing, medical, legal, entrepreneurial, academic and so on who have achieved success using the power of visualization and such. I already have a sizable list of people compiled. If you’d like to be considered for this project and the publicity it can bring you, send a note to my office and let me know.

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