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July 12th, 2008

My Elephant Ride

Yesterday afternoon I returned from Thailand – the Land of Smiles – where I’ve been for the past week.

Thailand has been on my list of places to visit – and I figured on going there in 2009 – but a seemingly bad situation turned good and allowed for the trip NOW.

Let me explain: Normally I am issued a 90-day visa when I go to China – but the last one I was given was a one-year, unlimited entry visa – and each entry was only good for 30 days. I figured it no big deal to extend whilst in China as I’ve done so before.

But this year is different. With the Olympics less than a month away, it is much, much harder to get a visa to China – not to mention an extension. So I looked for the good in this situation – and found it.

I opted to leave China for a week and visit Thailand NOW rather than next year. Then when I return to China, I am given another 30 days.

So off to Thailand I went – and what a tremendous time I had.

While in the Land of Smiles I did something I haven’t done in awhile. I shut off almost all communication from the outside world. With the exception of family who had my number, I could not be reached by email, by text message – by FAX or phone.

I can’t remember ever doing this before – even when recovering from emergency retinal surgery last year.

Twas a wise decision – and has given even more credence to what I’ll be teaching at my September seminar on the 4-Hour Workday.

The idea begins in your mind – in your imagination – then you make it happen through conscious movement.

I’ll show you how this September.

Much of my method involves being able to harness Universal Intelligence, on command, before working. Then, when it is time to work (if you choose to call it that), you are in complete stream-
of-consciousness mode.

While in this mode I am able to write and communicate very fast as well as very effectively. In fact, much of what I write goes unedited. Including the majority of these emails. And I can teach you how to get yourself to this same level of mastery in far less time than anyone else.

If you follow what I’m going to be teaching – you can cut your workday down to 4 hours or less – and be highly rewarded, renowned and regarded for doing so.

In my September event, you’re going to learn my unique method for not only creating products that become best-sellers – but how to market them effectively via email and otherwise – all done the Furey Way. All done in 4 hours or less per day.

I’ll have details about this event up within a couple days. In the interim, I suggest you take a look at the CDs from my $10,000 per person event held a few years ago – available NOW, for the first time, at a fraction of the amount the attendees paid.

You can read about this ground-breaker by high-tailing it to here

These CDs will astound and enthrall you – and they’ll help you understand WHY you will want to have a front row chair at my September seminar.

You will see a different side of Furey at this event – as I uncover and unravel the greatest business secrets ever revealed. Not kidding. I have something incredible up my sleeves. I assure you that you’ve never heard it said before. Not by me. Not by anyone else. And when you do hear it – your life and business and career will be changed forever.

Matt Furey
Zen Master of the Internet

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