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April 20th, 2009

Life Without Honor

This morning I had a lunch appointment with a local karate master at 11:30. I told him I’d meet him at his place.

At exactly 11:30, I pulled into his parking lot. He opened his door, got in my car and off we went. We spent a couple hours together and will probably meet again in the near future.

Now, this might not sound like a big deal – and it isn’t – except for the fact that both of us kept our word. Both of us said we would do something – and we did it.

Sadly, a lot of people don’t operate this way. They say one thing and do another. They promise but don’t deliver. And when you let them know – they don’t even apologize.

They think it’s perfectly acceptable to promise to meet you, to promise to have a job finished by a certain time – and not fulfill the promise.

How can you go through life with no honor? How can you say you’re going to meet someone, or deliver something on time, and not do it?

Worst of all, why is it that you think other people should put up with it?

Now, have I always been perfect about managing every detail of my schedule? No.

But if I make a mistake, if I’m late for an appointment, if I have a conflict come up that causes me to miss or be late, I’m the first guy on the horn apologizing and doing what it takes to make good on my promise.

Instead of promising and under-delivering – or not delivering at all, I believe in under-promise with over-delivery. Give people more than they expected.

Last Friday night I held a 4-hour seminar. There was no charge.

I showed up early, started on time and when it was supposed to end, I continued until every question was asked and answered. I ended up giving 40 minutes more than was expected – at a free event.

That’s what I call honor. I also call it respect. For oneself and for the others who’ve traveled to hear and see you.

I’d absolutely hate myself and my life if I was any other way.

Matt Furey

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