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January 5th, 2009

It’s Still the BEST Way

Last week I launched a page on Facebook – reluctantly.

A few days later I launched another on Twitter – less reluctantly.

You can view it by going here and getting an account yourself so you can follow what I’m saying or doing.

It takes about 10 seconds to get set up on Twitter. Much faster than Facebook.

Like all the other social media sites, Twitter is being championed as the ‘second coming.’

In fact, it’s being hailed as the Messiah of social media – far better than all the others – and by golly, if you don’t jump in NOW – you’re going to lose out on this tremendous money splurging opportunity the likes of which will never be seen again.

Uh huh.

We’ll see.

I’m currently using both and have some ideas I plan to implement – esp. on Twitter – and I believe these can ADD to what you’re already doing online to advance your career.

But the truth is, despite all the “ah shucks, this is unreal” babble going on – almost no one, including all the gurus who promote these sites – is making a dent.

In some cases the promotion is a set-up for a product in which “all secrets will be revealed.”

Hey, not a bad idea. Even if the sites don’t make you a nickel, everyone will think they do, so create a product called, “How to Make a Nickel With Social Media.”

Fact is there are things I enjoy about Facebook and Twitter.

They’ve put me in contact with some long lost buddies – or people I went to school with and haven’t heard from since – and so on.

I enjoy being able to look at photos of people who sign up to be friends.

And I’m enjoying the exploration of this type of Internet stuff.

At the same time, I am not convinced these sites will make you an honest or dishonest dime. Time will tell. And if they don’t make me a dime, a nickel or at least a few pennies MORE than the time I invested – YOU will hear from me loud and clear.

Unlike the other gurus, I won’t pretend so that I look all-knowing.

What I will tell you is what I’ve always said, “Nothing beats emails like the one you’re receiving right NOW.”

Take all your savy, slick, sleek, underground and renegade Internet strategies and they have almost no power whatsoever UNLESS supported by a kick-butt email marketing program.

Yes, adding video to your emails is now a good idea. It wasn’t that big a deal until recently no matter what anyone says.

And it is still NOT necessary. You can still get away with nothing but straight copy.

But we are in a new age of Internet marketing where more and more young folks don’t like to read – or they can’t do so for very long – and this is making video much more appealing to that segment – as well as to others who are looking for something more advanced than the sound-byte news we receive from tee-vee.

Even so, the number of kindergarten communication mistakes I see on a daily basis in email – as well as video – is astounding.

Last weekend, my fulfillment office sent me a photo of all the packages set to go out that day. It was somewhat impressive. I’ve done far better in the past – but it was hundreds of packages ready for shipping.

And the grand majority of these orders were taken over the Internet after I sent out an email.

So you see, email is still the king of the Internet – and I’m known, not only as the Zen Master of the Internet – but the Emperor of Email, too.

I’ve written thousands of emails since I began playing on this juke box back in 1996. In years past I wrote over 1,000 per year. Many have copied my lead and as a result are now making fortunes.

A couple from Malaysia recently wrote to tell me that they started doing six figures after listening to me teach how to do email. Other prominent Internet marketers added ‘millyuns’ to their bottom line
by following what I teach.

Unlike other copywriting teachers, I instill belief and confidence in the minds of those who learn email copywriting from me.

Do other copywriting teachers install belief in oneself.


They only teach strategies and techniques and tell you to work at it for a couple decades.

Yet, the truth of the matter is that email copywriting is a process you can learn very quickly – if you follow the principles and LAWS that I teach.

There are many who read my words and study what they THINK I am doing.  They disect paragraphs and sentences and highlight key words looking for hypnotic commands and other elements that make my emails mesmerizing. And then they try to add these elements into their copy – all to no avail.

They try to ‘model’ what I’m doing.

Therein lies the difference in what I do and teach and what others try to do and teach.

I give you principles and concepts and methods to follow. But I don’t want your emails to read like mine – or be like mine. I want them to be YOU.

I believe all writers have the ability to pull readers in by the heart and throat if they will be who they truly are. And so, although it is not a bad idea to read about hypnosis and other such things and how they apply to writing – I don’t think they are necessary.

Just learn to express yourself FULLY and CLEARLY and with POWER – and you’ll do just fine. All the so-called hypnotic stuff will flow out of you naturally, just as it does from any three or four-year old who wants something. Right now my eight-year old is relentlessly working me for tickets to the upcoming Super Bowl – in Tampa.

The key to success in email copywriting is learning WHAT to do, HOW to do it – and WHY – while developing an unshakeable belief in yourself and the products and services you offer.

That’s what I teach.

How to get started.

The best way to get started on your path to email copywriting mastery is by going to http://emperorofemail.com and ordering The Furey Method for Making a Fortune With Email – which comes along with the incredible Zero Resistance Writing DVD’s at no charge whatsoever.

This email course was a $10,000.00 per person event that I held in a small private room in Tampa. Ten people were present – and ALL who participated learned to write stellar emails inside of two days.

Can you learn just by listening to them.


Get the course and see for yourself what a difference it makes for you.


Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, my brother Sean is trying to lure me back for another small group email copywriting event. And if I don’t agree he’s going to do it all by himself, with my blessing. Sean has made a fortune as an email copywriter – and has been doing so almost exclusively for the past four years. So I’m currently pondering his suggestion. If interested in this event, which will not be cheap. Drop me an email and let me know. Or say so on my Facebook page – hehe.

P.P.S. One more thing, I’m sending this email out “as is” – unedited, uncorrected. If any typos, I’ll let them go for now. Got things to do – places to go.

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