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March 4th, 2009

Imagine There’s No Freedom

Last Wednesday, during a coaching call, I put everyone through an exercise in which we went back into the past – and explored the days in which our country was at her best.

The days in which you didn’t have to lock your doors when you left the house or went to bed at night.

The days when you could walk the streets without fear.

The days when you truly felt your elected officials were protecting your freedoms; the days in which you felt a promise really meant a promise.

The days when you were able to easily make ends meet and acquire wealth because prices and taxes were low.

The days when you didn’t hear the word ‘crisis’ tossed around like water.

The days in which you didn’t have to worry about your child going off to war.

The days in which you trusted and believed in yourself and the difference you can make in this world.

Listeners on the call were ecstatic with this visualization exercise. They felt empowered in a way they’d never felt before.

I then explained to everyone that this imagination exercise is a form of prayer. And if enough people begin to imagine and pray for a world that is free from the tyranny of BIG GOVERNMENT, then we have a chance to turn this country and this world around.

On the other hand, if we do not use the power of our imagination for freedom, if we do not pray for goodness to prevail – then we may be doomed to live in a world created by those who imagine us with no freedom.

Now, before you cast judgment on me and label me liberal, conservative, communist, Republican or Democrat – think again. I am none of these labels.

I am simply someone who believes in freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom to become all you can so long as you don’t step on the rights of anyone else.

I am for a free economy.

I am also pro-charity as evidenced by the two schools I’ve built in China – with a third on the way.

But I am NOT for a one-world government – a NEW WORLD ORDER, a NEW AGE, which is where I believe we’re headed at this time if people don’t wake up.

On a spiritual level all of us are connected – but that is only ONE of the three basic levels.

On the physical level – none of us are connected. Each of us is different. All of us have different finger prints, different DNA.

On a mental level – all of us have different thoughts.

So I believe we must keep all three levels in mind when we hear cliches like:

“We’re all ONE.”

“There is no SELF.”

“We’re entering a NEW AGE.”

Keep in mind the three basic levels – physical, mental and spiritual.

None is more important than any of the others. All are essential.

You cannot develop mentally and spiritually without a physical body. You cannot develop physically without a mind and spirit.

Most people error on the side of being primarily focused on one of the three levels. This is a mistake.

Each and every day, take time for all three levels – but NEVER forget that even though you belong to the whole of humanity – YOU are still ONE individual. And YOU alone are deserving of abundance.

Matt Furey

P.S. Enhance your freedom today by harnessing the God-given power of thought. Your imagination is your most powerful weapon against tyranny and oppression, against fear and self-doubt, against all forms of negativity. Use your imagination along with the willingness to take action and you must become a success. Latch onto the world-famous Zero Resistance Living course to strengthen your mind and spirt, to help you become all you choose to be.

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