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August 26th, 2009

I Need Your Help, I Can’t Do It Alone

Back when I was in college, Dr. Robert Schuller put out a book called the Be (Happy) Attitudes. The book was based upon the Sermon of the Mount and the eight blessings Jesus spoke of.

Dr. Schuller brought the eight beatitudes to modern day life – and the one I remember most was, “I need help, I can’t do it alone.”

As I look back upon my career, as an athlete, martial artist and businessman, I made the most progress when I asked for help. I made the least when I insisted that I could figure it all out by myself or do it alone.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t do it alone or that you can’t figure it all out by yourself. I’d simply question WHY you’d want to. Generally speaking, it’s pure ego to insist on doing it all by yourself. It’s too much to admit you don’t have all the answers at the speed of light – or all the skills beneath your toes.

Yes, you can do it all by yourself – but it takes a lot longer to make progress. Meanwhile a lot more mistakes are made along the way than were necessary.

“But I need to be able to make mistakes,” you may insist. “Don’t deprive me of the experience.”

No argument from me. But wouldn’t you rather avoid some of them? Wouldn’t you like to correct the ones you’ve made FASTER and move ahead QUICKER because you have someone looking over your shoulder with you?

The speed at which you can move ahead with a coach far outweighs the pain of tinkering and plodding through obstacles by yourself.

All my life I’ve had coaches. I don’t like to imagine where I’d be without them.

What about you?

If you can nod your head in agreement and say, “I need help, I can’t do it alone” – then I have good news for you.

Tomorrow I’ll have a page up where you can apply to become part of one of my coaching programs. One is a Health and Fitness Marketing MasterMind. The other is a self-development program based upon my new book, due out next month, called The Unbeatable Man.

Make sure you’re watching your in-box as the door to apply will only be open for a short time.

Until then, breathe deeply and stand tall.

Matt Furey

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