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November 9th, 2009

I Changed Myself, Again

More than 10 years ago I gave up weight training and weight lifting in favor of body weight exercises. I gave many reasons for making the change.

The physical reasons for the change run the gamut from increased strength to greater endurance and flexibility.

Yet, there were many mental, emotional and spiritual benefits to the new way of training I championed.

In February of 2000 I released Combat Conditioning, which became an international best-seller from the get-go.

A year later I put out Combat Abs – also a best-seller.

And a year after that I put out Combat Stretching, Gama Fitness and Magnetic Mind Power.

Since then I have continued to train, experiment and improve my training methods. Members of the Furey Faithful have been able to observe many of the changes first hand .

They’re the first to hear about and see the NEW information I bring to the table each month. And over the past several months they’ve been getting some major peaks at what is coming down the pike in Fureyville very soon.

But even they are going to be blown away at what I release in the next few months.

It goes WAAAAAY beyond what I’ve previously taught – and will help you in ways that my previous programs weren’t able to. That, my friend, is saying a LOT, especially when you consider how much my other programs have benefitted people all over the world.

At least one of the new programs I have in mind will be launched in December at a LIVE event called Model Me LIVE and even I am not sure which one it will be yet as I have so much material I want to begin teaching in a BIG WAY.

What I will say is that you may want to be in the crowd observing me go through my entire A-Z process of coming up with an idea, choosing an idea for a product, creating it and rolling it out.

You’ll not only observe me creating, thinking, tweaking and so on – but you’ll get to see the psycho-physical exercises I do during creatively stressful moments to accelerate the process and give what I am doing LIFE.

Anyone who wants to create his or her first product and launch it will learn a ton of invaluable trade secrets from this event.

And anyone who is already creating products will be blown away at how much faster and easier you can do the job – without effort, struggle or hard work.

Join me on Clearwater Beach in Florida this December and learn to Model Me.

This event may prove to be a major turning point in your career where you get one “aha” after another.


Matt Furey

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