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February 27th, 2008

How to Spot a Breakfast Champion

Let’s examine how you can spot a winner next time you’re eating breakfast in a restaurant.

Normally I don’t look around much when I eat breakfast because I’m going over my goals or reading a book related to one of my goals – or making notes in my journal. In case you want to know what I’m writing in my journal – it’s usually ideas related to whatever I’m working on. Or ideas that I’m considering for the future.

Anyway, today I decided to pay attention to the other people in the restaurant – in between doing what I normally do.

Most of the people who were eating had nothing to read. They did not have a journal, a pad of paper, a few 3×5 cards – or a pen. Nothing but food for their bellies.

To my left, however, was a man with two legal pads on his table. One yellow; one white. He had a pen out as he ate – and in between bites, he made notes on his pads.

I immediately assumed him to be a very successful business man. I could be wrong – but based on being a student of human moves – it was a bet I was willing to take.

Halfway through his meal, the man made a phone call. It was all business. He was making sure the other party received his check. He was keeping track of what was being done by whom – and so on.

He had a very pleasant voice and a calm demeanor. All was well in his world.

Two other people had books to read and a pen to take notes on what they were reading. Their books were not novels. They were instructional “how to” books.

Three people in the same restaurant, not including myself, who were taking notes or reading a “how to” book – now that must be quite a restaurant, eh.

Then there were those sitting around having idle conversation. Just yapping about anything that comes to mind.

And there were those reading the paper.

Everyone I saw looked good doing what he or she was doing. No one looked unhappy or miserable.

Yet – each person did send off a different vibration.

Some vibrations were “ho hum, another day.” Others were “ha ha – what an idiot.”

Then there were the vibes coming from the three who were taking notes and/or reading.

Powerful vibes they were.

Especially the man with two legal pads.

I’d like to pull up a chair, introduce myself and talk to him about who he is and what he does.

But you know, he’s got things to do – and so do I, so that conversation can wait. Especially when I can learn a lot just by watching him.

Next time you go out to eat, no matter where it is or with whom – at bare minimum, carry a small notepad and a pen.

And keep your goals close at hand. You cannot be reminded of your goals too often. Champions tend to be the people who look at their goals more than anyone else.

Matthew Furey

P.S. What’s your goal for today. Don’t have one. Or can’t remember. Then you better start changing your life pronto. Go here and form a new mental image of who you are and what you want to do.

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