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March 15th, 2009

How Many Goals to Focus On?

“Matt, I have a lot of goals. When I visualize, should I concentrate on just one or should I picture all of them?”

This is a good question – and I have two answers. They are as follows: Yes – and No.

Let me give the “yes” portion of the answer first.

If you have a written list of goals, or if you keep them on 3×5 cards (as I do), you can quickly go through each one – and with “open eyes” make a quick mental snapshot to remind yourself of what it is that you want. This alone, can help you achieve your goals because the more often you remind yourself of your goal(s) the more quickly you take the necessary action to turn them into reality.

And now for the “no” part of the answer:

When you go into the “theatre of your mind” and begin visualizing, it is best to focus on one specific goal. Yes, you CAN focus on more than one – but you’re better off with only one.

Here’s a simple way to illustrate why this is so:

Suppose you are outside on a sunny day with a magnifying glass and you want to start a fire. What would happen if you quickly moved the magnifying glass from place to place? Not much, right?

But what if you find a spot and focus the magnifying glass on that spot and leave it there? What would happen?

If you said, you would start a fire – you are correct.

The same is true with goals. Concentration and focus are key. They are how you build a fire of desire.

And the amazing thing about focus is this: If you focus on one goal, if you really fix your mind on a single objective – a lot of your other goals will catch the heat wave and get accomplished, even when you aren’t consciously ‘working’ on them.

Now the only issue for many people is exactly how to focus on your goals. What visualization secrets do I have that help me get what I want accomplished faster than anything else?

Tis a great question – and it’s one I’m going to cover in great detail in my 17 Minutes to Success Coaching Program.

For now, let me give you a hint: The secret of visualization is NOT visualization.

It’s something else that is far, far easier to do – and yields much faster results.

As part of the 17 Minutes to Success Coaching Program you’ll be given the answer that will lead to a huge CHANGE for the better.

Matt Furey

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