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September 7th, 2008

Here’s What 101 Ways Can Do for You

Yesterday the following email was sent to me about my new book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. My comments will follow:

Mr. Furey:

Since last year, when I began opening my martial arts school, I have been a customer of yours.  I purchased Combat Conditioning, Combat Abs, the Fight Back Pack, and most recently 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

Allow me to say…

Its incredible.  The effort you need to put out to make this happen is minimal, and it does work.  I recieved your book on the first of September, and have already read through it 3 times.  The fourth time I was starting to read it, I was reading, and truly believing in, section 5, which is to Expect Unexpected Income.

No sooner than I finished the page, then my boss came out of his office (I manage a hotel durng the day) and was handed a $500 bonus and offered 3% ownership.  Further, I was praised and told he could not run this place without me.

In my school, I began using some of the other tips.  Especially putting up stones and plants. I have a statue of an oriental general outside, and bamboo plants in the building.  No later than the night I did that, I had a gentleman in a collared shirt show up and ask to do some marketing.  When I asked how much, he said he formerly marketed for a large and corrupt school in the area, and they didn’t pay him properly.  He just wanted a chance to promote me.

That and a police officer came in and asked if I give discounts to the uniformed services.  When I said yes, he took a handful of flyers, and the next day I got several calls from the Sheriffs Department.

Let any naysayers say what they will, who cares?  The fact is that if you tweak your thinking a small amount, continue to put out effort, and keep your mind open to the fact that things can be different, then they will.

Matt, thank you/ Everything about what you have put out that I have read and used has been excellent.

Keep up the good work.


MJF: Hiya Steve. Thanks much for the results you’ve sent in. Yesterday I spoke with another man who followed my suggestions on a money magnetizing mantra. He needed to bring in $15,000 in order to take a trip to Asia this November. Within one week of doing what I advised, he has almost all the funds. I firmly believe he WILL have the rest within a couple days – as he has an important meeting with a woman tomorrow, whose husband is a billionaire, and he wants the “full course” of his services.

People often think that magnetizing m-oney is a physical ordeal – and yes, there is some labor involved. But you’d be surprised how often, as you’ve discovered, the labor is spiritual in nature. Start thinking the right thoughts, picturing the right mental movies, experiencing the right feelings and doing the right things – and voila – things start to change.

The key concept to understand is this: No blame, worry or resistance is allowed. Take care of the first one on the list: “blame” – and it’s amazing how the worrying and resistance disappear as well.

No more blaming your boss, your wife, your husband, your parents, the government, the economy, the system – and so on. If you want to magnetize money, YOU are the one who is going to do it. And like anything, it starts and ends with two magic words: Self-Image.

Show me the picture you have in your mind – and I’ll show you your future.

You can order 101 Ways to Magnetize Money NOW.

CDs are also available. If you’ve already purchased the book and NOW you want the CDs – then order once again and give the extra book away. It comes gratis with the CDs anyway.

And whatever you give away comes back to you multiplied.


Matt Furey

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