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June 25th, 2008

Herd Work – Hard Work

Unless you’ve been living on Pluto, you’ve probably heard the adage, “Success is nothing but hard, hard work.”

I call this the “herd work” mentality because it reflects a deep cultural trance that most people are imbedded in – and never get out of, unless they learn a new way of thinking, doing and being.

“Herd” work.

It’s not just hard work people buy into. They buy into whatever the “herd” is doing.

If the herd works 40-60 hours a week – then in order to fit in – I better do so, too.

Not me.

I have a better way. I work (if you choose to call it that) four hours a day instead of eight or twelve. And I get more done in those four hours than others do in their eight or twelve.

On top of that, because of the way I think and do things, I figured out a way to do better financially, in just four hours, than others do all month. And I can teach you the Furey Way to double your income, year after year, working only four hours a day.

Now, you might think this is due to me having some special gifts or talents. But I’m not more gifted or talented than the average human being.

I am, however, more focused. I am also much more willing to question the status quo and do things in an unusual way.

For example, I am not interested in building a business with a bunch of employees. Don’t want them. Cannot envision it.

So I’m not impressed when I hear about Internet or information marketers who make 10 or 20 millyun a year – but have 25, 50 or 100 employees. I wouldn’t trade places with any of them – even if they’re better looking :).


First of all, lots of employees is waaaay too much baby sitting. Employees are like fish – after three days they start to stink. And this smell leads to migraines.

Second, when you look at businesses with a ton of employees, what this means is that the owner rarely, if ever, gets a vacation. I live on a tropical island in China much of the year. Coming here is like being on vacation – yet, I’m always sort of on a mini-vacation. Afterall, I only work four hours a day – if you’ll call what I do “work.”

Third, if you work more than four hours a day, chances are excellent that your body is turning to mush. You’re losing your health instead of strengthening it. And in the event that you ever have a health breakdown, you cannot afford to take time to heal.

Last year when I suffered a detached retina and needed emergency surgery – I took two months off to recover and my business didn’t suffer a lick. How many people can miss two months of work and
still feed themselves and their families. It’s tough if you’ve bought into the 40-hour, praycheck-to-praycheck jerk week.

Fourth, if you work more than four hours a day, chances are great that you have little if any time for family or friends. You get up tired and go to bed tired. That’s not a good way to live.

Fifth, if you work more than four hours a day, you have next to no time to pursue other interests or hobbies.

Sixth, if you work more than four hours a day, you aren’t using your Creative Imagination the way it was intended. As a result you miss the obvious ways in which you could double or triple your income by doing LESS – not more.

Seventh, if you work more than four hours a day, you’re stressed out most of the time and have little if any time left for spiritual matters. Maybe this point doesn’t matter to you – but it does to ME.

Anyway, it is now 3:30 PM here on Hainan Island in China.

I’ve been working for two full hours so far today. I have two more hours to go. Then I’m going to go take a sauna, followed by a salt bath, followed by a massage and a shave.

Then I’m going to grab some food.

After that I’m going to sit on a recliner and finish reading a book.

When the book is finished I’m going to make some notes in my journal. Then, before bed, I’m going to program my mind – so that even when I’m sleeping, my mind is searching for and attracting new ideas, new information and new ways of doing so that I can eventually get my typical workday down to three, two or even one hour.

And you know what, at my September “4-Hour Workday Seminar” I’m going to be teaching you how I got myself to the point where I am today; the point where I was able to double my income by only working four hours a day – with lots of vacation time.

Yes, I’m going to reveal ALL at my seminar this September.

Get Ready.

Enrollment opportunities coming your way soon. And you better be prepared to jump at the irresistible offer I have for you.

Matt Furey

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