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July 25th, 2008

Get Out

Years ago, when I was living in California, I was often shocked to discover how many residents had never left the state.

Being that California is enormous when compared to Rhode Island, I understood this way of being to an extent. After all, in California alone you have mountains, the ocean, the desert and much more. There’s plenty of variety to keep you excited.

On the other hand, I don’t understand it at all. In my opinion, those who don’t travel to other places, never really get their mind cracked open very far – nor do they encounter the suspense or the emotional flexibility needed to get along in virtually any situation or scene.

There are those who would argue with me on this. They will say that you can travel just as much, if not more, WITHIN your own mind as you do throughout the world.

And I agree with them. You can. There are plenty of masters who never left their homeland.

At the same time I believe there are far, far more who did.

To give the other side of the picture, those who don’t travel often lack broad experience, have a limited way of thinking about the world – and find it much more difficult to explore WITHIN – simply because they haven’t seen or experienced much that challenges who they are as a person.

There’s a scene in Star Wars when Luke Skywalker is training with Yoda in a remote, swampy area. The young, inexperienced Skywalker tells Yoda that he is not afraid – to which Yoda grimaces and whispers in a raspy voice, “YOU WILL BE.”

This is the truth about foreign travel to countries wherein you don’t know the language and are unfamiliar with the idiosyncrasies of the culture. You may feel brave and courageous sitting at home – but you’re hardly being challenged. In a foreign country wherein English is not being spoken and everything is new – your buttons will get pushed at a whole new level. Once you get to a point in which they no longer are – then you’ve made progress. Psychological and spiritual progress.

On a different scale, similar progress can be made when you go to a seminar that challenges you to the core. One that challenges what you think about your career, your finances, your belief in yourself and the capabilities you have – one that coaxes you to become MORE than you are right now.

Sure, you can stay at home and think you already have everything within you that you’ll ever need to succeed. And although this may be true on one level – I cannot think of a single person of substance who failed to get out of the familiar scene he was comfortable in. All great people in history either traveled by choice or by force.

From Gautum Buddha in India to Jesus Christ to the Dali Lama – all left their abode. They either chose to “get out” or they were forced to. And in each and every case, it turned out to be a good thing.

So, is it a good idea for you to leave your home for a few days this September to learn a new way of living at my 4-Hour Workday Seminar.

I think so.

You’ll be challenged. That’s for sure. But if you embrace the NEW – if your embrace change – then life will get better for you.

You can resist change all you want – even so, one truism about life is that you will either change willingly – or be forced to.

Why not be ahead of the curve and do it WILLINGLY.

Start your journey NOW.

Go to here and enroll today.

This is the LAST DAY at the current fee. Grab a seat.

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